Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse: Ethics, Law, and Policy, Second Edition

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Child maltreatment is one of the greatest social maladies of our time, and current statistics, although staggering, may reflect only the surface of the problem. Human service professionals—including psychologists, social workers, teachers, and psychiatrists—are required by law to report known or suspected child maltreatment in the United States. This eminently practical and readable book is directed towards these individuals.

The second edition of this popular book offers expanded guidelines and recommendations. Data on the implications of reporting or not reporting are given life in an expanded "case book within a book" that summarizes lessons learned and shows how problems posed by the law can be avoided. New sections also review issues in the mandatory reporting of abuse on other vulnerable populations, such as individuals who are elderly and developmentally disabled. In addition, a new chapter on therapeutic jurisprudence explores the therapeutic potential of mandatory reporting laws.

By its very design, Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse, Second Edition, weaves new legal developments and empirical findings into highly practical guidance for practitioners, educators, and court officers.

The book also features four valuable appendixes, including a glossary of child abuse and neglect terms, a directory of information resources, a directory of national and state child protection hotlines, and a discussion of methodological issues in mandatory reporting research.

Table of Contents




I. Mandated Reporting: Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues

  1. Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Laws: Origins and Evolution
  2. Mandated Reporting as an Ethical Dilemma
  3. When Professional Hunches Become Reasonable Suspicions

II. Reporting Suspected Child Abuse: Casebook and Guidelines

  1. Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Mandated Reporting
  2. Unreported Cases of Suspected Child Abuse
  3. Reported Cases of Suspected Child Abuse

III. Mandatory Reporting Practice and Policy

  1. Guidelines for Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
  2. Professional Practice and Research
  3. Child Protection Policy



  1. Glossary
  2. Directory of Information Resources
  3. Directory of National and State Child Protection Hotlines


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Reviews & Awards

In this second edition of what has already become a classic text, Kalichman provides a comprehensive overview of the ethical and practical issues involved in mental health professionals' duty to report suspected abuse. He discusses ethical and clinical details in considerable detail and produces a book which is rich and rewarding…

The book does a wonderful job of discussing ethical dilemmas, with many excellent case examples. It provides a comprehensive overview of statutes and results of failure to comply with them. The examples of coercive use of mandatory reporting are sobering and of concern. The discussion of results of reporting and not reporting is similar sobering. I appreciated the excellent bibliography…

This is a wonderful and wise book, which I heartily recommend to all trainees and more experienced clinicians in the mental health disciplines. It provides excellent, pragmatic advice about mandatory reporting and the ethics of this situation…I strongly recommend this excellent book.
—Metapsychology: Mental Health Net, 1 February 2000