Psychological Practice With Women: Guidelines, Diversity, Empowerment

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Publication Date: September 2014
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The ambitious goal of this book is to transform how mental health practitioners understand and treat diverse groups of women. Doing so involves thinking in more nuanced ways about women's multiple identities that are formed from the complex interplay of ethnic and racial background, social class, sexual orientation, ability/disability status, religion, age, and other factors.

The chapters, which are written by authors of diverse backgrounds, are chock full of helpful perspectives, techniques, and case studies. They reflect the experience of women who have lived and studied the research on the social identities they discuss and thus convey a depth of understanding of women's experiences as "outsiders-within."

While grounded in the APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Girls and Women, the volume also integrates other guidelines for affirmative practice with diverse groups (e.g., multicultural; disability; and lesbian, gay, and bisexual guidelines). It will enhance readers' practice with all women.

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