Counseling and Psychotherapy of Work Dysfunctions

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Copyright: 1993
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This theory-based book demonstrates the importance of work and the work environment while examining common psychological hurdles to occupational happiness. In the first systematic treatment of this topic, the author examines current literature and proposes a new, clinically useful taxonomy of diagnosis for work-related dysfunction. Numerous case examples illustrate the main areas of the taxonomy and the psychotherapeutic techniques most promising for successful intervention.

Several broad areas of work dysfunction are examined, including overcommitment and burnout, undercommitment and fear of success and failure, work-related anxiety and depression, and personality disorders in the workplace. The book also offers guidance for the unique problems faced by artists, writers, and others in the creative professions. This essential guide will educate therapists to emerging themes in a critical new area of intervention.

Table of Contents



  1. Introduction
  2. The Work Environment: A Primer
  3. Diagnosis of Work-Related Dysfunctions
  4. Patterns of Undercommitment
  5. Patterns of Overcommitment
  6. Work-Related Anxiety and Depression
  7. Personality Disorders and Work
  8. Work Counseling With the Creative




About the Author

Author Bio
Rodney L. Lowman is founder and CEO of The Development Laboratories, Houston, Texas, which offers psychological assessment and counseling on career, work, and mental health issues. He is a professor of psychology at Rice University and also serves on the faculties of the University of Houston's psychology graduate program and Duke University Medical Center's occupational medicine and medical psychology divisions. Lowman has written widely on mental health in the workplace and occupational and career issues and serves as a consultant to national media. He has served on the American Psychological Association (APA) Ethics Committee, as chair of the APA's Board of Professional Affairs, and as president of the Society of Psychologists in Management.