The Impulsive Client: Theory, Research, and Treatment

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This volume is an anthology of diverse research and theories on impulsive behavior and explores why people differ in impulsivity and the implications for psychological treatment.

The Impulsive Client presents what is known about psychobiological factors and assesses inheritance and learning as sources of impulsivity. It offers two "firsts"—the first look at chaos theory applied to impulsivity and the first systematic treatment of impulsive behavior in eating disorders—and examines impulsivity's role in one of society's most pressing problems, substance abuse.

The effectiveness of measurement tools, including the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale, is evaluated. Children and brain-injury victims, among other populations, are examined in terms of treatment interventions.

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I. Historical Perspective and Etiology of Impulsivity

  1. Impulses, Impulsivity, and Impulsive Behaviors: A Historical Review of a Contemporary Issue
    —William G. McCown and Philip A. DeSimone
  2. A Neurodevelopmental View of Impulsivity
    —Jorge H. Daruna and Patricia A. Barnes
  3. Impulsivity: Integrating Cognitive, Behavioral, Biological, and Environmental Data
    —Ernest S. Barratt
  4. The Nature of Impulsivity
    —H. J. Eysenck
  5. Sensation Seeking and Impulsivity: A Marriage of Traits Made in Biology?
    —Marvin Zuckerman
  6. A Family Theory of Impulsivity
    —Luciano L'Abate
  7. A New Look at Impulsivity: Hidden Order Beneath Apparent Chaos?
    —Terry Marks-Tarlow

II. Current Research and Special Populations

  1. The I7: Development of a Measure of Impulsivity and Its Relationship to the Superfactors of Personality
    —Sybil B. G. Eysenck
  2. Impulsivity and Information Processing
    —Scott J. Dickman
  3. The Role of Impulsiveness in Normal and Disordered Eating
    —Michael R. Lowe and Kathleen L. Eldredge
  4. Impulsive Behavior and Substance Abuse
    —Willard L. Johnson, Robert M. Malow, Sheila A. Corrigan, and Jeffery A. West
  5. Perfectionism and Goal Orientation in Impulsive and Suicidal Behavior
    —Paul L. Hewitt and Gordon L. Flett
  6. Procrastination and Impulsiveness: Two Sides of a Coin?
    —Joseph R. Ferrari

III. Treatment of Impulsivity

  1. Impulsivity in Children and Adolescents: Measurement, Causes, and Treatment
    —Aileen D. Fink and William G. McCown
  2. Impulsivity in Adult Neurobehavioral Disorders
    —Judith A. Holmes, Judith L. Johnson, and Ann L. Roedel
  3. Management of the Adult Impulsive Client: Identification, Timing, and Methods of Treatment
    —Michael Bütz and Sean Austin
  4. Legal Issues in Treating the Impulsive Client
    —Eric Y. Drogin and LaurieAnn Y. Drogin
  5. The Impulsive Woman as Client: Treating the Legacy of Shame
    —Judith L. Johnson and Katherine Bishop
  6. Interpersonal Cognitive Problem Solving as Prevention and Treatment of Impulsive Behaviors
    —Maria E. Touchet, Myrna B. Shure, and William G. McCown

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