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In A History of Geropsychology in Autobiography, the pioneering psychologists who developed the field of adult development and aging share their life stories and, in the process, describe the emergence of this new field. The autobiographies of A History of Geropsychology in Autobiography illustrate the importance of individual influence on the development of psychology.

In reading this volume, the reader will see repeatedly that what seems to be a random event in life might turn out to be crucial both personally and professionally. Geropsychology has developed across national boundaries, and this volume accordingly reflects that international perspective. The international growth of this field speaks to its growing importance, an importance that will only increase as individuals live longer and the world's population grows older. The stories of these pioneers stand as a testament to their vision of the coming importance of geropsychology in the 21st Century.

Table of Contents


  1. An Introduction to a History of Geropsychology in Autobiography
    —James E. Birren and Johannes J. F. Schroots
  2. Autobiographical Reflections: From Developmental Methodology and Lifespan Psychology to Gerontology
    —Paul B. Baltes
  3. Studying Aging in Norway
    —Eva Beverfelt
  4. I Have to Do It Myself
    —James E. Birren
  5. A Forty-Year Career in Geropsychology
    —Jack Botwinick
  6. A Personal Perspective From the United Kingdom
    —Dennis Basil Bromley
  7. Aging Memories: A Career in Cognitive Psychology
    —Fergus I. M. Craik
  8. Ten Years With Ageless Albino Rats and College Sophomores Led to a Thirty-Something Career in Geropsychology
    —James L. Fozard
  9. A Case of Chance and Choice
    —Margaret Gatz
  10. Footprints on the Sands of Time: An Autobiography
    —Elsie Harwood
  11. Elderly Mentors and the Nepotism Rule
    —Irene Mackintosh Hulicka
  12. Dr. Paleg's Skull: On the Geropsychologizing of Robert Kastenbaum
    —Robert Kastenbaum
  13. On Becoming More General With Age
    —Nathan Kogan
  14. Reason and Emotion Across the Life Span: A Personal View
    —Gisela Labouvie-Vief
  15. Chance and Choice Make a Good Life
    —M. Powell Lawton
  16. An Aging Geneticist
    —Gerald E. McClearn
  17. Getting Here Was Half the Fun
    —John R. Nesselroade
  18. Development of an Adult Developmental Psychologist
    —Timothy A. Salthouse
  19. Living With Gerontology
    —K. Warner Schaie
  20. E Cinere Resurgo: Autobiography of a Geropsychologist
    —Johannes J. F. Schroots
  21. One Step Ahead: An Autobiography
    —Joel Shanan
  22. Consistent Curiosity About Human Lives
    —Hans Thomae
  23. Transmission and Transmutation
    —Lillian E. Troll
  24. Epilogue: The Global Emergence of Geropsychology
    —Linda Fagan Dubin



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