The Mental Health Professional's Guide to Managed Care

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This book provides an overview of managed mental health care, addressing the legal, ethical, and practical issues that today's mental health providers need to know to work successfully within the system. The editors take an objective view that will help practitioners interact with managed-care systems intelligently and effectively.

This edited collection discusses the history of managed care and the economic realities fueling the managed-care movement, as well as the mental health claims process and the implications for redesigning benefits. This guide to the "alphabet soup" of managed-care acronyms will help readers identify the many variations of managed care and the roles mental health professionals may play in each system. Relevant legislative developments and court decisions are examined, and important issues of ethics and practice that providers face are explored.

Table of Contents


—Rodney L. Lowman

  1. Current Mental Health Care Environments: Why Managed Care Is Necessary
    —Anthony Broskowski
  2. Managed Mental Health Care: A History of the Federal Policy Initiative
    —Patrick H. DeLeon, Gary R. VandenBos, and Elizabeth Q. Bulatao
  3. Basic Issues in Managed Mental Health Services
    —Robert J. Resnick, Robert W. Bottinelli, Marilyn Puder-York, Beatrice Harris, and Beth Egan O'Keefe
  4. Parameters of Managed Mental Health Care: Legal, Ethical, and Professional Guidelines
    —Russ Newman and Patricia M. Bricklin
  5. Recent Managed-Care Legislative and Legal Issues
    —Shirley Ann Higuchi
  6. Mental Health Claims Experience: Analysis and Benefit Redesign
    —Rodney L. Lowman
  7. Managed Outpatient Mental Health Plans: Clinical, Ethical, and Practical Guidelines for Participation
    —Leonard J. Haas and Nicholas A. Cummings
  8. Realities of Mental Health Practice in Managed-Care Settings
    —Linda M. Richardson and Carol Shaw Austad
  9. Managed Mental Health Care: Critical Issues and Next Directions
    —Rodney L. Lowman

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