Personality Characteristics of Patients With Pain

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Each year, millions of Americans experience acute, recurrent, or chronic pain, and for many of them, surgical or pharmacological interventions fail to alleviate their suffering. In an effort to better treat these patients, this unique book presents a comprehensive review of the personality factors that affect the experience of, and adaptation to, pain. This book describes the newest advances in this up-and-coming area of clinical research and provides practical guidance for clinical interventions.

Although no single pain-prone personality exists, personality attributes such as introversion/extraversion, optimism, perceived locus of control affect, and personality disorders affect patients' ability to cope with pain. The contributors to this book examine these attributes, outline specific personality testing strategies, and explore how they may influence the treatment outcome of various pain disorders. This is an essential resource for clinicians, researchers, and health care professionals dealing with the challenges of patient personality differences in pain management.

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I. Early Approaches to the Study of Personality and Pain

  1. History of Psychoanalytic Ideas Concerning Pain
    —Harold Merskey
  2. Psychometric Testing: The Early Years and the MMPI
    —Richard C. Robinson

II. Advances in Personality Testing in Patients With Chronic Pain

  1. Assessing Personality With the Millon Behavioral Health Inventory, the Millon Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic, and the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory
    —Neil Brockian, Sarah Meager, and Theodore Millon
  2. Nonpathological Factors in Chronic Pain: Implications for Assessment and Treatment
    —James B. Wade and Donald D. Price
  3. The MMPI-2 and Chronic Pain
    —William W. Deardorff

III. Nonpathological Personality Characteristics of Pain

  1. Relationship of Pain-Coping Strategies to Adjustment and Functioning
    —Donald E. DeGood
  2. Locus of Control in the Patient With Chronic Pain
    —Janette L. Seville and Amy B. Robinson
  3. Extraversion–Introversion and Chronic Pain
    —Jennifer M. Phillips and Robert J. Gatchel
  4. Perceived Optimism and Chronic Pain
    —John P. Garofalo

IV. Personality Disorders and Chronic Pain

  1. Studies Investigating the Prevalence of Personality Disorders in Patients With Chronic Pain
    —James N. Weisberg
  2. How Practitioners Should Evaluate Personality to Help Manage Patients With Chronic Pain
    —Robert J. Gatchel
  3. Personality and Pain: Summary and Future Perspectives
    —James N. Weisberg, Jeffrey R. Vittengl, Lee Anna Clark, Robert J. Gatchel, and Amy A. Gorin

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