Executive Coaching: Developing Managerial Wisdom in a World of Chaos

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Richard Kilburg brings his many years of expertise in working with organizations in crises to this book on executive coaching. Kilburg demonstrates how managers untrained in interpersonal skills can, under pressure, allow the "shadow" side of their and their organization's personalities to undermine desired change and growth. In clear and engaging language, Executive Coaching helps consultants and managers understand the chaotic processes and psychodynamic problems that can influence executive behavior and performance.

This book emphasizes working with executives to help them develop wisdom as they learn from mistakes and grow in their roles. In elegantly written chapters rich with case illustrations, Kilburg reveals methods and techniques that were developed in clinical settings and that draw from chaos and complexity theory. Throughout, Kilburg takes up specific problems associated with managerial patterns of emotions, thoughts, defenses, and conflicts—and provides practical solutions. This is must-reading for all consultants and managers who wish to help executives develop wisdom and gain mastery over the chaotic, "shadow" side of individual and organizational life.

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction to Executive Coaching
  2. Systems and Psychodynamics: Concepts for Coaches
  3. A Conceptual Understanding and Definition of Executive Coaching
  4. Creating and Using a Reflective Containment: The Core Method of Coaching
  5. Coaching and the Psychodynamics of Executive Character and Organizations
  6. Chaos and Its Role in Organizational and Individual Regression
  7. Working with Human Emotion and Cognition
  8. Working with Client Defenses
  9. Working With Client Conflicts




About the Author

Author Bio

Richard R. Kilburg received his PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA) in 1972. He attended a postgraduate program in mental health administration at the Community Psychiatry Laboratory at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) and obtained a master's degree in professional writing from Towson University (Towson, MD) in 1992.

He has held positions in the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Pittsburgh as an assistant professor, as the director of the Champlain Valley Mental Health Council (a community mental health center in Burlington, VT), at the APA's Offices of Professional Affairs and Public Affairs, and in private practice as a clinician and consultant. Currently, he is the senior director of the Office of Human Services, a multiprogram service component of human resources that meets the developmental needs of the faculty and staff of Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD).

He has published widely in the fields of management, professional impairment, and executive coaching. His two previous books, both published with the APA, are Professionals in Distress: Issues, Syndromes, and Solutions in Psychology (1986) and How to Manage Your Career in Psychology (1991).

He was the founding president of the Society of Psychologists in Management and is a Fellow of APA's Division 13 (Consulting Psychology).

He has one son, Benjamin, and currently lives in Towson, MD.