Integrating Family Therapy: Handbook of Family Psychology and Systems Theory

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Integrating Family Therapy brings together family psychology and systems thinking to explore the ways systems therapists actually think and behave to bring about needed family change in the context of other systems.

The theme of integration is carried through the book on several levels: integration of the family with school, work, medical, and other social systems; integration of research, theory, and systemic practice; and integration of methods and techniques from diverse schools of family therapy. The result is a book that gives the researcher and practitioner an encompassing perspective of family psychology and systems therapy today.

Table of Contents



I: Clinical Principles of Systems Therapy


  1. Core Techniques in Family Therapy
    —David Seaburn, Judith Landau-Stanton, and Susan Horwitz
  2. Collaborative Language Systems: Toward a Postmodern Therapy
    —Harlene D. Anderson
  3. Engaging the Family: An Integrative Approach
    —Timothy Weber and Felise Levine
  4. Open-Ended Therapy: Termination in Marital and Family Therapy
    —Jay Lebow

II: Developmental Issues in Families


  1. The Family Life Cycle: Phases, Stages, and Crises
    —Randy Gerson
  2. Children and Family Therapy: Mainstream Approaches and the Special Case of the Multicrisis Poor
    —Patricia Minuchin
  3. Systems-Oriented Therapy With Stepfamilies
    —James H. Bray
  4. Interventions With Later Life Families
    —Cleveland G. Shields, Deborah A. King, and Lyman C. Wynne

III: Assessment and Research in Family Psychology


  1. Marital and Family Assessment: A Multifaceted, Multilevel Approach
    —Douglas K. Snyder, Timothy A. Cavell, Robert W. Heffer, and Laurel F. Mangrum
  2. The Evolution of Family-Based Psychopathology
    —David J. Miklowitz
  3. Family Therapy Research
    —James Alexander and Cole Barton
  4. Circumplex Model of Family Systems: Integrating Ethnic Diversity and Other Social Systems
    —Dean M. Gorall and David H. Olson

IV: Therapy With Couples


  1. A Family Systems Approach to Sex Therapy and Intimacy
    —David M. Schnarch
  2. Treating Marital Infidelity
    —Don-David Lusterman
  3. The Dynamics of Divorce Therapy
    —Florence W. Kaslow
  4. Divorce Mediation: A System for Dealing With the Family in Transition
    —S. Richard Sauber, Stephen F. Beiner, and Gail S. Meddoff

V: Gender and Ethnic Issues


  1. Intergender Communication and Gender-Sensitive Family Therapy
    —Carol L. Philpot and Gary Brooks
  2. Lesbian and Gay Family Psychology
    —Roy Scrivner and Natalie S. Eldridge
  3. Ethnic Dimensions in Family Treatment
    —Joe Giordano and Mary Ann Carini-Giordano
  4. Therapy With African American Inner-City Families
    —Nancy Boyd-Franklin

VI: Medical Systems


  1. Medical Family Therapy With Somatizing Patients: The Co-creation of Therapeutic Stories
    —Susan H. McDaniel, Jeri Hepworth, and William Doherty
  2. A Family Systems Approach to Coping With Cancer
    —David K. Wellisch
  3. A Customized Approach to the Treatment of Anorexia and Bulimia
    —William N. Friedrich
  4. Infertility and Pregnancy Loss: The Role of the Family Consultant
    —Susan G. Mikesell and Margaret Stohner
  5. A Developmental Biopsychosocial Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Illness in Children and Adolescents
    —Beatrice L. Wood

VII: Other Larger Systems and Contexts


  1. The Changing Family–Work System
    —Sylvia Shellenberger and Sandra S. Hoffman
  2. Family–School Intervention
    —Marvin J. Fine

VIII: Coercion and Substance Abuse


  1. Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse: Multiple Systems Perspectives
    —Robert Geffner, Mary Jo Barrett, and B. B. Robbie Rossman
  2. Cults: Implications for Family Therapists
    —Margaret Thaler Singer
  3. Family Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
    —M. Duncan Stanton and Anthony W. Heath

IX: The Self of the Systems Therapist


  1. Family Therapy Supervision: Toward an Integrative Perspective
    —Douglas C. Breunlin, Cheryl Rampage, and Marina L. Eovaldi
  2. Ethical Dilemmas in Change of Format and Live Supervision
    —Michael C. Gottlieb
  3. Systemic Traumatization: Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder in Family Therapists
    —Charles R. Figley

X: Future Directions For Family Psychology and Systems


  1. From Family Damage to Family Challenge
    —Froma Walsh

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