Career Counseling of College Students: An Empirical Guide to Strategies That Work

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Today's college students present a diverse set of career decision-making needs and challenges. Career counselors can enhance their effectiveness when working with this demographic group by increasing their understanding of career development theory, research, and practice. With over 200 beneficial and practical career counseling strategies, Career Counseling of College Students offers the most practical and comprehensive guide in this field.

Contributing authors explore the pros and cons of career classes and workshops, the emotional and spiritual elements involved in choosing a career, and the utilization of computers and the Internet as counseling aids. The book also offers guidance for counseling special student populations such as athletes, returning adults, and minorities. Career counselors will find no resource more helpful for providing definitive, research-based guidance for college students.

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I. Theoretical Bases and Models for Career Development

  1. Established Career Theories
    —Paul J. Hartung and Spencer G. Niles
  2. Emerging Career Theories
    —Spencer G. Niles and Paul J. Hartung
  3. Emotional–Social Issues in the Provision of Career Counseling
    —Donna Palladino Schultheiss
  4. College Students' Callings and Careers: An Integrated Values-Oriented Perspective
    —Edward Anthony Colozzi and Linda Chrystal Colozzi

II. Methods and Techniques

  1. Determining the Appropriateness of Career Choice Assessment
    —Andrew D. Carson and René V. Dawis
  2. Integrating Assessment Data into Career Counseling
    —Rodney L. Lowman and Andrew D. Carson
  3. Individual Career Counseling
    —Susan C. Whiston
  4. Career Planning Workshops and Courses
    —Thomas J. Halasz and C. Bryan Kempton

III. Special Populations and Issues

  1. Computer-Assisted Career-Guidance Systems
    —Greg Iaccarino
  2. Career Development of Returning-Adult and Graduate Students
    —Darrell Anthony Luzzo
  3. Career Decision Making and Student–Athletes
    —Edward A. Martinelli, Jr.
  4. Career Development Needs of Students with Learning Disabilities
    —William E. Hitchings and Paul Retish
  5. Career Development of Ethnic Minority Students
    —Susan B. DeVaney and Aaron W. Hughey
  6. Career Counseling with College Women: A Scientist–Practitioner–Advocate Model of Intervention
    —Ruth E. Fassinger and Karen M. O'Brien
  7. Responsible Career Counseling with Lesbian and Gay Students
    —Mark S. Pope, Jeffrey P. Prince and Kathleen Mitchell

IV. Professional Issues and Future Directions

  1. Toward the Development of Systematic Career Guidance
    —Edward Anthony Colozzi
  2. The Identification of a Career Development Research and Practice Agenda for the 21st Century
    —Sarah M. Toman

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About the Editor

Editor Bio

Darrell Anthony Luzzo received his bachelor's degree in psychology and master's and doctoral degrees in counseling from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Since graduating from UCLA in 1990, Dr. Luzzo has worked—primarily as a faculty member—at several colleges and universities, including Johnson County Community College (Overland Park, Kansas), St. Ambrose University (Davenport, Iowa), the University of North Alabama (Florence, Alabama), Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, Texas), and Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama). He also has more than 10 years of experience as a career counselor and vocational research scientist, including 2 years of service at ACT, Inc., as the Director of Career Transitions Research. Dr. Luzzo currently serves as the Dean of Career Development Services at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon.

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Luzzo has engaged in research focusing on the career development of college students. His publication record includes authorship of more than 50 journal articles, book chapters, and monographs. He is the author of Making Career Decisions That Count: A Practical Guide, a career exploration and planning workbook for college students. Dr. Luzzo's editorial experience includes current service on the editorial boards of several professional journals, including the Journal of Counseling and Development, the Career Development Quarterly, the Journal of Career Assessment, and the Journal of Career Development.

In addition to his writing and editorial activities, Dr. Luzzo is an active member of several professional associations, including the American Counseling Association, the American Psychological Association, the American College Personnel Association, and the National Career Development Association. His current research interests focus on the career decision-making attributional style of college students and the evaluation of career counseling interventions.

Dr. Luzzo lives in Oregon City, Oregon, with his wife, Denise, and their five children.