Caring for the Rural Community: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum

American Psychological Association Office of Rural Health
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Although psychologists are often the most highly trained mental health providers in rural areas, their numbers are often small. Learning to work with other mental health providers in a community context presents an opportunity for them to increase the availability of mental health and substance abuse services. Interdisciplinary approaches to the delivery of mental health and substance abuse services are an important way that the existing providers in rural areas can ensure that rural residents have access to these services.

The American Psychological Association's Committee on Rural Health conceived of the project described in this report in response to the perceived need for psychologists and other mental health providers working in rural areas to maximize their effectiveness in delivering mental health and substance abuse services.

Table of Contents


  • Planning/Advisory Task Force
  • APA Rural Health Task Force
  • Project Management Committee



  1. Introduction
  2. Preliminary Seminars
  3. Prepracticum Lab
  4. Advanced Seminars
  5. Practicum

Additional Resources

Attachment A: Comparison of Mental Health Factors

Attachment B: Pilot Practicum