Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume IV

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Like its predecessor volumes, Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume IV offers provocative glimpses into the lives of early major psychological figures. Written by experts in salient subfields of psychology, this volume covers a whole range of disciplines, vividly depicting twenty-one preeminent men and women whose lives spanned the 19th and 20th centuries. Among those featured are Evelyn Hooker, who helped declassify homosexuality as a disorder and fueled the gay rights movement; Francis Cecil Sumner, the first African American to receive a PhD in psychology from an American university; and Roger W. Sperry, a Nobel Laureate and neuroscientist whose work sought to answer the question, What is consciousness?

The portraits shed new light on the contributions and personalities of giants in the field, often with a touch of humor. The animated style and carefully selected details make the people, ideas, and controversies in the history of psychology come alive in a way that a standard systematic text on the history of psychology can rarely, if ever, achieve.

Copublished by American Psychological Association and Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Table of Contents


Portraits of the Authors and Editors

  1. The Psychology of Thomas Upham
    —Alfred H. Fuchs
  2. Herman Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmoltz: Physicist as Psychologist
    —Helmut E. Adler
  3. George Croom Robertson and Mind: The Story of Psychology's First Editor
    —D. Brett King
  4. Carl Stumpf: Experimenter, Theoretician, Musicologist, and Promoter
    —Helga Sprung and Lothar Sprung
  5. Georg Elias Müller and the Beginnings of Modern Psychology
    —Lothar Sprung and Helga Sprung
  6. Charles E. Spearman: Discoverer of g
    —Arthur R. Jensen
  7. Hugo Münsterberg: Portrait of an Applied Psychologist
    —Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr.
  8. Lewis Terman: Scientist of Mental Measurement and Product of His Time
    —Jennifer Randall Crosby and Albert H. Hastorf
  9. Sir Fredrick Bartlett: Experimental and Applied Psychologist
    —Henry L. Roediger III
  10. Karen Horney: The Three Phases of Her Thought
    —Bernard J. Paris
  11. Francis Cecil Sumner: First African American Pioneer in Psychology
    —Robert V. Guthrie
  12. Fritz Heider: Philosopher and Social Psychologist
    —Bertram F. Malle and William Ickes
  13. T. C. Schneirla: Pioneer in Field and Laboratory Research
    —Ethel Tobach
  14. Starke Rosecrans Hathaway: Biography of an Empiricist
    —James N. Butcher
  15. What a Light It Shed: The Life of Evelyn Hooker
    —Douglas C. Kimmel and Linda Garnets
  16. Frank A. Beach, Master Teacher
    —Donald A. Dewsbury
  17. Carl Iver Hovland: Statesman of Psychology, Sterling Human Being
    —Roger N. Shepard
  18. Stuart W. Cook: A "Complete Psychologist"
    —John C. Brigham
  19. Roger W. Sperry: Nobel Laureate, Neuroscientist, and Psychologist
    —Antonio E. Puente
  20. Hans Eysenck: Apostle of the London School
    —Arthur R. Jensen
  21. Sigmund Koch: Human Agency and the Psychological Studies
    —David Finkelman and Frank Kessel