The Psychology of Women's Health: Progress and Challenges in Research and Application

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This edited volume examines the most pressing health concerns of women from a psychosocial perspective and points the way toward the next decade of research in this long-neglected area. The contributors describe both the limitations of traditional conceptualizations of women's health and promising new research and applications in the following areas:

  • coronary heart disease
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • AIDS
  • menarche, menstruation, and menopause
  • reproductive health
  • smoking
  • exercise behavior
  • alcohol use and abuse
  • eating disorders
  • behavior
  • older women's health
  • and policy formation
Table of Contents

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I. Psychology of Women's Health—An Introduction

  1. Psychology of Women's Health: Barriers and Pathways to Knowledge
    —Annette L. Stanton

II. Chronic Diseases

  1. Women and Coronary Heart Disease: A Psychological Perspective
    —Sally A. Shumaker and Teresa Rust Smith
  2. Women and Cancer: Have Assumptions About Women Limited Our Research Agenda?
    —Beth E. Meyerowitz and Stacey Hart
  3. Women With Diabetes: A Lifestyle Perspective Focusing on Eating Disorders, Pregnancy, and Weight Control
    —Betsy A. Butler and Rena R. Wing
  4. Women and AIDS
    —Patricia J. Morokoff, Lisa L. Harlow, and Kathryn Quina
  5. Women and Autoimmune Disorders
    —Joan C. Chrisler and Karin L. Parrett

III. Gynecological Health

  1. Menarche, Menstruation, and Menopause: Psychosocial Research and Future Directions
    —Sheryle J. Gallant and Paula S. Derry
  2. Selected Issues in Women's Reproductive Health: Psychological Perspectives
    —Annette L. Stanton and Sharon Danoff-Burg

IV. Health-Related Behaviors

  1. Women and Smoking
    —Robin J. Mermelstein and Belinda Borrelli
  2. Physical Activity in Women: Current Status and Future Directions
    —Bess H. Marcus, Patricia M. Dubbert, Abby C. King, and Bernardine M. Pinto
  3. Alcohol Use and Alcohol Problems in Women
    —Sharon C. Wilsnack
  4. Eating Disorders in Women: Current Issues and Debates
    —Ruth H. Striegel-Moore and Marsha D. Marcus

V. Toward the Future

  1. The Meaning of Health for Older Women
    —Margaret Gatz, Jennifer R. Harris, and Susan Turk-Charles
  2. Health Care Policy and Practice for Women's Health
    —Cheryl B. Travis, Diane L. Gressley, and Patricia L. Adams
  3. Psychology of Women's Health: Challenges for the Future
    —Annette L. Stanton and Sheryle J. Gallant

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