Self-Esteem: Paradoxes and Innovations in Clinical Theory and Practice, Second Edition

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Copyright: 1995
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In Self-Esteem, Bednar and Peterson show how recognizing and eliminating avoidant behaviors and learning to confront fears realistically can lead to higher self-esteem. Acknowledging that low self-esteem plagues many outwardly successful people, the authors share detailed clinical dialogues, adapted from actual therapy sessions, to demonstrate a therapeutic approach that identifies habitual patterns of avoidance and replaces them with gradually developed coping skills. The new edition updates relevant theory, explains how the authors' model can be applied in marital and family therapy, and offers practical tips for clinicians.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition

Preface to the First Edition


  1. Self-Esteem: Paradoxes and Contradictions
  2. Conceptual Themes: Overview and Analysis
  3. Avoidance and Coping: Basic Considerations
  4. External and Internal Feedback: Basic Assumptions
  5. Introduction to the Model
  6. Clinical Applications: Remedial Considerations in Psychotherapy
  7. Developmental Considerations in Psychotherapy: Enhancing Coping Responses
  8. Unique Qualities of the Therapeutic Relationship
  9. Marital and Family Therapy: Primary and Unique Considerations
  10. Family Relations and the Development of Self-Esteem in Children
  11. Treatment Caveats and Conundrums



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