Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity: An Integrative Guide to Assessment and Treatment

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After a decade of intense research, it is clear that body image plays a critical role in the etiology, development, and treatment of eating disorders and obesity. Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity: An Integrative Guide for Assessment and Treatment integrates these findings on body image with empirically supported assessment and intervention guidelines for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and obesity. In addition, body image issues are explored in other important areas such as cosmetic plastic surgery and body dysmorphic disorder.

Written by leading experts in each of these areas, Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity covers physical and psychological diagnoses, treatment planning, and protocols for empirically supported intervention. How to decide which treatment to offer to which clients, how to combine body image modification techniques with interventions that can preserve life and health, and how to help clients change their behavior, cognitions, and affects are illustrated with case examples, client handouts, and detailed protocols. Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and counselors will find Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity indispensable in understanding and applying body image research findings and practice guidelines in the context of comprehensive state-of-the-art assessment and treatment approaches.

Table of Contents



  1. Introduction: Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity—An Emerging Synthesis
    —J. Kevin Thompson

I. Body Image Disturbance


  1. Theories of Body Image Disturbance: Perceptual, Developmental, and Sociocultural Factors
    —Leslie J. Heinberg
  2. Assessing Body Image Disturbance: Measures, Methodology, and Implementation
    —J. Kevin Thompson
  3. The Treatment of Body Image Disturbances
    —Thomas F. Cash
  4. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Body Image: Critical Factors in Patient Assessment
    —Thomas Pruzinsky
  5. Issues in the Assessment and Treatment of Body Image Disturbance in Culturally Diverse Populations
    —Madeline N. Altabe
  6. Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Assessment and Treatment
    —James C. Rosen

II. Eating Disorders


  1. Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder: Assessment of Physical Status
    —Claire Pomeroy
  2. Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa: Structured Interview Methodologies and Psychological Assessment
    —Donald A. Williamson, Drew A. Anderson, and David H. Gleaves
  3. Stepped-Care and Decision-Tree Models for Treating Eating Disorders
    —David M. Garner and Lawrence D. Needleman
  4. Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
    —Kathleen M. Pike, Katharine Loeb, and Kelly Vitousek
  5. Treatment of Body Image Disturbance in Eating Disorders
    —J. Kevin Thompson, Leslie J. Heinberg, and Alicia J. Clarke
  6. Assessment and Treatment of Binge Eating Disorder
    —William G. Johnson and Laine J. Torgrud
  7. Pharmacologic Treatments for Eating Disorders
    —Scott J. Crow and James E. Mitchell

III. Obesity


  1. Assessment of Psychological Status Among Obese Persons
    —Myles S. Faith and David B. Allison
  2. Treatment of Obesity: An Integrative Model
    —Carlos M. Grilo
  3. Improving Body Image in Obesity
    —James C. Rosen
  4. Assessment and Treatment of Morbid Obesity
    —Patricia H. Fettes and Donald E. Williams
  5. Obesity in African American Women: Epidemiology, Determinants, and Treatment Issues
    —Robert C. Klesges, Margaret DeBon, and Andrew W. Meyers

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About the Editor

Editor Bio
J. Kevin Thompson, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. He received his PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Georgia in 1982 and has been at the University of South Florida since 1985. His research interests include eating disorders, body image, and psychotherapy integration. His current research involves a variety of topics in the area of body image, including, etiological factors (especially in the areas of social–developmental and sociocultural pressures), assessment issues, and cognitive processing models of body image disturbance. Thompson has written over 60 articles in the areas of body image, eating disorders, and obesity. He has been on the editorial board of the International Journal of Eating Disorders since 1990. He has previously published six chapters in the area of body image and is the author of Body Image Disturbance: Assessment and Treatment (Pergamon, 1990).
Reviews & Awards

An excellent resource for professionals, Body Image is clearly written and to the point. The editor, J. Kevin Thompson, has organized the book to be comprehensive and accessible, and his introduction to each of the three sections clearly previews the scope of the work to be covered…In sum, this is a worthwhile read and we come away with a fuller understanding of body image.
—American Journal of Psychiatry, p.128–131

[Thompson's] book is uniformly well researched, well written, and carefully edited…[and] belongs on every researcher's shelf. Therapists, too, will find it helpful in determining appropriate treatments and interventions for body image and eating problems. Anyone who needs information concerning assessment techniques should find this book invaluable. It should enjoy a broad audience and be an influential factor in shaping body image research for the next decade.
—Linda Smolak, Kenyon College; Eating Disorders