Emotions in the Practice of Psychotherapy: Clinical Implications of Affect Theories

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The circumplex model of emotions has been an extremely valuable paradigm for understanding personality, psychopathology, and interpersonal relations over the past 30 years. In this volume, Robert Plutchik extends his model to inform the practice of psychotherapy across all theoretical orientations and therapeutic modalities.

Beginning with a description of the role of emotions in symptom formation, Plutchik demonstrates how the circumplex model has relevance not only to emotions, but to personality traits, personality disorders, and ego defenses as well. He presents a unique compendium of therapist tactics for uncovering emotions and encouraging their expression. He examines the many distinctions between social conversation and therapeutic communication and describes specific strategies of intervention found to be helpful to therapeutic enterprise.

Table of Contents



  1. Emotions in Our Lives
  2. Symptoms and Emotions
  3. Theories of Emotion
  4. A Psychoevolutionary Theory of Emotion
  5. Emotions and Personality Disorders
  6. Emotions, Deception, Ego Defenses, and Coping Styles
  7. Therapist Tactics for Uncovering Emotions
  8. Psychotherapy and Existential Issues
  9. Therapeutic Communication


Appendix: Measurement Implications of Affect Theory


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Robert Plutchik, PhD, is professor emeritus of psychiatry and psychology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Formerly, he was associate director of the psychiatry department at the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center in New York City, as well as director of program development and clinical research at the Bronx Psychiatric Center. He has written extensively on the subject of emotion as well as on the subjects of psychotherapy, suicide, and violence. He is the author or the coauthor of over 260 professional journal articles and 45 chapters in edited books. He has written six books and coedited nine others, including Circumplex Models of Personality and Emotions (APA, 1997) coedited with Hope Conte. Currently, he is involved in clinical research and is adjunct professor of psychology at the University of South Florida, where he teaches the psychology of emotions.
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A truly impressive accomplishment and a major contribution to the field.
—CHOICE Magazine