Men In Groups: Insights, Interventions, Psychoeducational Work

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It is common knowledge among practitioners that men have not taken to psychotherapy as willingly as women have. This edited volume argues that groups—therapy, support, and psychoeducational—are ideal forums in which to work with men.

This book provides an excellent entree into psychological work with men in groups and represents the cutting-edge work being done in this area. The chapters detail successful intentions for working with men in groups, from complete three-day seminars and psychoeducational workshops to techniques and strategies for less structured, ongoing groups.

Each chapter focuses on a specific population of men (e.g., gay, African American, homeless, Hispanic, and middle-class men) or on a specific issue that men may face, such as fathering issues or problems associated with violence. Throughout, the authors provide rich portrayals of how men respond and grow in this setting. This volume is intended for psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and paraprofessionals working with men in groups or simply for those who have an interest in men's issues.

This softcover edition is a re-release of the 1995 hardcover edition.

Table of Contents



—Michael P. Andronico

I. Homogeneous All-Male Groups

  1. Treatment for Therapy-Resistant Men
    —Gary R. Brooks
  2. Techniques in Group Psychotherapy With Men
    —David M. McPhee
  3. From Outcasts to Community: A Support Group for Homeless Men
    —Sam Tsemberis
  4. Group Counseling for Middle-Class Men
    —David L. Jolliff and Arthur M. Horne
  5. Asian Men in Groups
    —David Sue
  6. University-Based Group Therapy for Faculty, Students, and Staff
    —Gregg A. Eichenfield
  7. Men Mentoring Men in Groups
    —Arthur M. Horne, David L. Jolliff, and Eric W. Roth
  8. The Somerset Institute's Modern Men's Weekend
    —Glenn W. Wissocki and Michael P. Andronico

II. Heterogeneous All-Male and Mixed-Gender Groups

  1. African American Men in Group Therapy
    —Alexander Sutton
  2. The Hispanic Male in Group Psychotherapy
    —Jose M. Arcaya
  3. Working With Gay Men in Psychotherapy Groups
    —Joel C. Frost
  4. Working With Men in Groups: A Female Therapist's Perspective
    —Frances Bonds-White
  5. The Gender Role Journey Workshop: Exploring Sexism and Gender Role Conflict in a Coeducational Setting
    —James M. O'Neil

III. Fathering and Being Fathered

  1. The Father Theme in Group Therapy With Men
    —Jack Sternbach
  2. The Male Code and Parenting: A Psychoeducational Approach
    —Ronald F. Levant
  3. Noncustodial Fathers in Groups: Maintaining the Parenting Bond
    —Alex S. Hall and Kevin R. Kelly
  4. Gay Fathers in Groups
    —Robert L. Barret
  5. Together in Group Therapy: Fathers and Their Adolescent Sons
    —Barry G. Ginsberg
  6. Parenting Skills Training With Teenage Fathers
    —Mark S. Kiselica

IV. Alcoholism, Trauma, and Violence

  1. Group Treatments for Men With Alcohol Problems
    —John E. Calamari, W. Miles Cox, and Jeffrey D. Roth
  2. Men's Groups for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and the Role of Shame
    —Don R. Catherall and Robert B. Shelton
  3. Group Therapy for Adult Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
    —Jeffrey B. Harrison and Larry A. Morris
  4. Working in Groups With Men Who Batter
    —Michelle Harway and Kendall Evans
  5. Outpatient Treatment of Adolescent Male Sexual Offenders
    —Judith V. Becker
  6. Managing Boundaries: Group Therapy With Incarcerated Adult Male Sexual Offenders
    —Richard F. Lazur

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