Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume II

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Over the past century, various men and women have forged psychology into a dynamic science, leaving behind a rich legacy of innovative research and theoretical perspectives. The volumes in the Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology series chronicle the lives of these giants in the field and outline their influences on psychology today. The first volume in this series concentrated on figures from the earliest days of psychology. This new volume also covers figures from this important era, but includes biographies of more recent psychologists as well. These portraits reintroduce readers to such well-known luminaries as Dorothea Dix, John Dewey, and Robert Yerkes, and introduces others whose influence may be better known than their names. Readers may be surprised to learn of the methodological sophistication of Dorothea Dix, or of the contributions of a little-known Hungarian emigre, Paul Schiller.

The aim of this book is to promote psychology's appreciation of these sometimes neglected giants in the field. Through the examination of these individuals, the readers will come to understand specific schools, fields, and perspectives in psychology, and will gain an appreciation of how psychology has evolved, in both methodology and focus, over the years.

There are 21 chapters in this edited volume, which is intended for undergraduates and graduates in psychology and for scholars in the history of psychology.

Copublished by American Psychological Association and Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

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