Treatments That Work With Children: Empirically Supported Strategies for Managing Childhood Problems

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Parents frequently consult both psychologists and pediatricians about a variety of childhood problems, ranging from sleep disorders to anxiety. But today there are so many theories about which therapies work best that it is hard for practitioners to make informed choices. In this book, psychologists Edward R. Christophersen and Susan L. Mortweet—both seasoned clinicians—help the reader assess available treatments that have documented records of success. In many cases, treatment manuals exist to guide clinicians in implementing these approaches.

Eight comprehensive and engaging chapters cover the common problems of disruptive behavior, anxiety, sleep disorders, nocturnal enuresis, encopresis, habit disorders (such as tics and thumbsucking), the treatment of pain and, finally, helping children comply with medical regimens.

Designed for the busy practitioner, the book describes diagnosis and treatment, with an emphasis on practicality. Summaries and handouts make the material useful for training purposes as well as daily office use. Although written for psychologists and mental health professionals, this book will also be useful to pediatricians who want the latest information on behavioral treatments that really work.

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  1. Diagnosis and Management of Disruptive Behavior Disorders
  2. Diagnosis and Management of Anxiety Disorders
  3. Diagnosis and Management of Habit Disorders
  4. Diagnosis and Management of Sleep Problems
  5. Diagnosis and Management of Encopresis
  6. Diagnosis and Management of Nocturnal Enuresis
  7. Assessment and Management of Pain
  8. Management of Adherence to Pediatric Medical Regimens

Appendix A: The Home Chip System: A Treatment Manual

Appendix B: Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercises


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