The Social Psychology of Emotional and Behavioral Problems: Interfaces of Social and Clinical Psychology

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Many psychologists would agree that most emotional and behavioral problems are essentially social and interpersonal problems. Not only are psychological difficulties typically caused or maintained by interpersonal processes, but problems typically manifest themselves in the course of personal relationships. Many emotional and behavioral problems are rooted in "normal" interpersonal processes—precisely the processes that social psychology describes. The Social Psychology of Emotional and Behavioral Problems: Interfaces of Social and Clinical Psychology documents the rich interplay between social and clinical psychology in theory and research.

Since the 1980's, great strides have been made in integrating aspects of social and clinical psychology. Researchers now study psychological difficulties from social psychological perspectives, and graduate programs are becoming increasingly receptive to cross-fertilization between social and clinical psychology. This volume not only details the interface between the fields but also helps to solidify their mutually beneficial coexistence.

Table of Contents


—Robin M. Kowalski and Mark R. Leary

  1. Interfaces of Social and Clinical Psychology: Where We've Been, Where We Are
    —Robin M. Kowalski and Mark R. Leary

I. Social–Cognitive Processes

  1. Attributional Processes: An Integration of Social and Clinical Psychology
    —Debora Bell-Dolan and Craig A. Anderson
  2. Everyday Egocentrism and Everyday Interpersonal Problems
    —Thomas Gilovich, Justin Kruger, and Kenneth Savitsky
  3. Social Comparisons in Dysphoric and Low Self-Esteem People
    —Joanne V. Wood and Penelope Lockwood

II. The Self in Social Life

  1. Self-Regulation and Psychopathology
    —Karen L. Dale and Roy F. Baumeister
  2. Problematic Social Emotions: Shame, Guilt, Jealousy, and Envy
    —June Price Tangney and Peter Salovey
  3. The Social and Psychological Importance of Self-Esteem
    —Mark R. Leary

III. Interpersonal Processes

  1. Speaking the Unspeakable: Self-Disclosure and Mental Health
    —Robin M. Kowalski
  2. Maladaptive Image Maintenance
    —James A. Shepperd and Kimberly D. Kwavnick

IV. Personal Relationships

  1. Social Support and Psychological Disorder: Insights From Social Psychology
    —Gary L. Rhodes and Brian Lakey
  2. Dysfunctional Relationships
    —Rowland S. Miller
  3. Group Dynamics and Psychological Well-Being: The Impact of Groups on Adjustment and Dysfunction
    —Donelson R. Forsyth and Timothy R. Elliott
  4. Social–Clinical Psychology: Past, Present, and Future
    —John H. Harvey, Julia Omarzu, and Brian E. Pauwels

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