The Suicidal Patient: Clinical and Legal Standards of Care, Second Edition

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Copyright: 2002
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This second edition updates now a classic text in the field of suicidology. The Suicidal Patient continues to be a worthy source of relevant empirical information on the clinical and legal standards of care for this high-risk population.

Combining clinical expertise with legal insight, Dr. Bongar proposes a working model for the assessment, management, and treatment of suicidal patients in both inpatient and outpatient contexts. His suggestions for optimal clinical practice provide additional guidance on sophisticated risk-management strategies for suicide prevention and postvention.

New material on cross-cultural assessment and management, the newest case law, and several risk estimators and assessment scales, arms psychologists with the knowledge they need to care for suicidal patients and to better serve all of their patients. This volume will be invaluable to thousands of psychologists and mental health professionals as a reliable, practical, and sensitive resource on suicidal patients.

Table of Contents


Foreword to the First Edition



  1. The Knowledge Base
  2. Legal Perspectives
  3. The Assessment of Elevated Risk
  4. Outpatient Management and Treatment of the Suicidal Patient
  5. Inpatient Management and Treatment of the Suicidal Patient
  6. Risk Management: Prevention and Postvention


  1. Risk-Rescue Rating
  2. Lethality of Suicide Attempt Rating Scale
  3. The California Estimator for Suicide
  4. Los Angeles Suicide Prevention Center Scale
  5. QPRT—Suicide Risk Management Inventory
  6. A Suicide Screening Checklist for Adolescents and Young Adults
  7. An Antisuicide Contract
  8. Legal Issues in Emergency Psychiatry


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