Eating Disorders: Innovative Directions in Research and Practice

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In Eating Disorders: Innovative Directions for Research and Practice, leading experts reflect on advances in the field that hold promise for increasing our knowledge significantly. Their arguments, grounded in theory and informed by empirical research, integrate a range of disparate literatures that tap new methods for bold and innovative approaches to etiology, classification, treatment, and prevention. Particularly notable are chapters that suggest methods for refining diagnostic criteria; examine the respective roles of risk and protective factors; propose an intriguing extension of the cognitive behavioral model; examine the self-help arena; and integrate the literature on body image, obesity, and eating disorders.

This book will be useful to researchers, practitioners, educators, and all individuals interested in advancing a constructive new agenda for research and practice.

Table of Contents




—Ruth H. Striegel-Moore and Linda Smolak

  1. Improving Understanding and Care for the Eating Disorders
    —Paul E. Garfinkel and Barbara J. Dorian

I: Classification and Etiology


  1. Classification of Eating Disorders
    —David Heroz and Sherry Selwyn Delinski
  2. Risk Factors for Eating Pathology: Recent Advances and Future Directions
    —Eric Stice
  3. Protective Factors in the Development of Eating Disorders
    —Marjorie Crago, Catherine M. Shisslak, and Anne Ruble
  4. Gender and Eating Problems
    —Linda Smolak and Sarah K. Murnen
  5. Challenging the Myth of the Golden Girl: Ethnicity and Eating Disorders
    —Linda Smolak and Ruth H. Striegel-Moore

II: Treatment


  1. Health Services Research for Eating Disorder in the United States: A Status Report and a Call to Action
    —Vicki Garvin and Ruth H. Striegel-Moore
  2. The Potential of Professionally Developed Self-Help Interventions for the Treatment of Eating Disorders
    —Vicki Garvin, Ruth H. Striegel-Moore, Allan Kaplan, and Stephen A. Wonderlich
  3. Integrative Cognitive Therapy for Bulimic Behavior
    —Stephen A. Wonderlich, James E. Mitchell, Carol B. Peterson, and Scott Crow
  4. Psychopharmacology of Eating Disorders: Current Knowledge and Future Directions
    —James E. Mitchell

III. Prevention


  1. Body Image Dissatisfaction as a Motivator for Healthy Lifestyle Change: Is Some Distress Beneficial?
    —Leslie J. Heinberg, J. Kevin Thompson, and Jonas L. Matzon
  2. The Prevention of Eating Disorders: Toward a Participatory Ecology of Knowledge, Action, and Advocacy
    —Michael P. Levine and Niva Piran
  3. The Use of Interactive Media to Prevent Eating Disorders
    —C. Barr Taylor, Andrew J. Winzelberg, and Angela A. Celio
  4. Imagining the Future
    —Ruth H. Striegel-Moore and Linda Smolak

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Ruth H. Striegel-Moore, PhD, is a professor of psychology at Wesleyan University in Middleton, CT. Dr. Striegel-Moore received her diploma in psychology from the Eberhard-Karls-Universitat in Tuebingen, Germany, and her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of South Carolina, Columbia. For her work in epidemiology of eating disorders, she has received major funding from the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Disease of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Striegel-Moore is past president of the Academy for Eating Disorders and current president of the Eating Disorder Research Society. She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association.

Linda Smolak, PhD, received her doctoral training at Temple University, obtaining her degree in 1980. She has been at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH, since 1980 and is a professor in the Departments of Psychology and of Women's and Gender Studies. Her research specialty is the developmental psychopathology of eating disorders, with an emphasis on gender issues. She has coedited two other books in the area of body image and eating disorders — The Developmental Psychopathology of Eating Disorders (1996) and Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity in Youth: Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment (American Psychological Association, 2001) — and is coauthoring a book on the prevention of eating disorders — The Prevention of Eating Problems and Eating Disorders: Theory, Research, and Practice. She has served as a consultant to the McKnight Risk Factor Study, the U.S. Office on Women's Health, and the Harvard Eating Disorders Center.