Treating Patients With Neuropsychological Disorders: A Clinician's Guide to Assessment and Referral

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Cognitive impairments occur with alarming frequency, and the ability to recognize them in a patient is crucial to the general practitioner in psychology. Treating Patients With Neuropsychological Disorders: A Clinician's Guide to Assessment and Referral is the essential guide for practitioners working with patients who may have neurological disorders. These disorders are so prevalent that no mental health practitioner can afford to be without the guidance offered in this book.

Because neuropsychological guidelines grow more complex over the years, the general practitioner can easily feel overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of having to refer a patient to a neuropsychologist. While other books merely provide information on screening patients for these disorders, this volume offers a roadmap for navigating the complexities that often accompany work with clients suffering from cognitive impairment.

This book provides the practitioner with background information on neurological disorders, how to recognize their symptoms in clients, and how to read neuropsychological reports. This book will help the practitioner understand the basics of neurological disorders, testing, and assessment, and what to expect from neuropsychological referrals, making it an invaluable reference tool.

Table of Contents



I. Neuropsychology Fundamentals

  1. Clinical Neuropsychology and Allied Disciplines
  2. Basic Functional Neuroanatomy

II. Neurological Conditions

  1. Neurobehavioral Syndromes in General Practice
  2. Relation Between Non-Neurological Elements and Cognitive Functioning
  3. Indicators of Neuropsychological Impairment

III. Making Referrals

  1. The Neuropsychological Referral Process
  2. Psychological Intervention With the Neurologically Involved Client


  1. Allied Professional Contact Information
  2. Neuropsychological History and Record Review Summary
  3. Neuropsychological Referral Form
  4. Quality of Life Rating Scale
  5. Contact Information for Supportive Resources


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