Child Art in Context: A Cultural and Comparative Perspective

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Child Art in Context examines the process of creative expression in child art from an innovative socio-cultural and historical perspective. Over 100 drawings and sculpture illustrate the genesis and development of representational skill and its progression in the visual arts as well as theories on how this course can best be understood.

The author addresses the question of whether children's primitive forms reflect immature cognitive and emotional development, a theory supported by the view that optical realism is the endpoint of artistic development. She disagrees with this notion and shows the intelligence of children's endeavors to invent symbol systems that represent their ideas in drawing and sculpture, emphasizing the vitality that modern artists have admired in childish or "primitive" forms.

Of particular interest are chapters including new information on the developmental progression in sculpture in which the author systematically compares children's representation in drawing and modeling to demonstrate the significance of medium in understanding child art.

This volume will be of interest to developmental psychologists, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists who use drawings for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, anthropologists interested in the arts, art historians, and art educators, as well as undergraduate and graduate students in these fields.

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Development of Drawing
  3. The Development of Sculpture
  4. Representational Trends in Drawing and Modeling
  5. Developmental Perspectives on Prehistoric Art
  6. Child Art and the Modern Artists
  7. Child Art Reconsidered: New Perspectives on Artistic Development


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Claire Golomb is a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. She has written extensively on the development of child art and on children's imaginative development. She is the author of Young Children's Sculpture and Drawing and The Child's Creation of a Pictorial World and is the editor of The Development of Artistically Gifted Children.