Preventive Stress Management in Organizations

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Preventive Stress Management in Organizations revises the classic work, Organizational Stress and Preventive Management, which introduced the epidemiological notion of prevention into the domain of organizational stress. The book offers a comprehensive, orderly framework for practicing healthy preventive stress management. The book begins with a panoramic overview of the stress field from its medical and physiological origins in the early 1900s through its psychological elaborations during the second half of the century and its current application and practice in organizations.

The authors examine the sources of stress; the psychophysiology of the stress response and individual moderators that condition vulnerability for distress; the psychological, behavioral, and medical forms of individual distress; and the organizational costs of distress. At the heart of the book is a framework for preventive stress management that can be practiced by both organizations and individuals.

Specific chapters examine methods and instruments for diagnosing organizational and individual stress; ways to redesign work and improve professional relationships; and methods for managing demands and stressors, altering how one responds to inevitable and necessary demands. Organizational and individual prevention methods are designed to enhance health and performance at work while averting the costs and discomfort of distress. Examples of healthy organizations are illustrated throughout the text, with specific case examples of implementing preventive managements.

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—Paul J. Rosch


  1. Stress in Organizations
  2. Organizational Demands and Stressors
  3. The Stress Response and Its Modifiers
  4. Individual Consequences of Stress
  5. Organizational Consequences of Stress
  6. Basic Concepts for Stress Diagnosis in Organizations
  7. Survey of Stress Diagnostic Measures
  8. Preventive Stress Management: Principles and Methods
  9. Organizational Prevention: Modifying Work Demands
  10. Organizational Prevention: Improving Relationships at Work
  11. Primary Prevention for Individuals: Managing and Coping With Stressors
  12. Secondary Prevention for Individuals: Modifying Responses to Inevitable Demands
  13. Tertiary Prevention for Individuals: Healing the Wounds
  14. Preventive Stress Management for Healthy Organizations
  15. Preventive Stress Management: From Threat to Opportunity

Appendix A: Sources of Diagnostic Instruments

Appendix B: Resource Groups



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