Psychology Builds a Healthy World: Opportunities for Research and Practice

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Psychology Builds a Healthy World covers the entire domain of psychological health from the family, to the workplace, to the community. Geared toward health psychologists and students, as well as those practitioners and researchers working with families, communities, and in the workplace, this book offers ideas and areas for expansion of research and practice.

This volume highlights the many ways in which psychologists can help build healthy families, healthy communities, and healthy workplaces. Distinguished contributors examine medical and behavioral health activities to prevent illness, injury, and trauma; identify key biopsychosocial factors in acute and chronic illness across the developmental life span; and discuss the health implications in work, family, and social relationships.

Table of Contents


Foreword: Psychology in a Globalized World
—Mary Pipher



Introduction: Psychology and Health—Taking the Initiative to Bring It Together
—Norine G. Johnson

I. Building Healthy Families

  1. "Real" Boys, "Real" Girls, "Real" Parents: Preventing Violence Through Family Connection
    —William S. Pollack
  2. Psychologists Promote Biospsychosocial Health for Families
    —Susan H. McDaniel, Suzanne Bennett Johnson, and Samuel F. Sears
  3. Family Health Through Injury and Violence Prevention at Home
    —Michael C. Roberts, Ileana Arias, John R. Lutzker, Lenore E. A. Walker, and David A. Wolfe
  4. Gender, Stress, and Health
    —Annette L. Stanton and Will Courtenay

II. Building Healthy Communities

  1. Healthy Sexuality for All: The Role of Psychology
    —Susan Pick
  2. Psychological Approaches to Community Health: Community Health Psychology
    —Victor De La Cancela, Judith L. Alpert, Tom Wolff, and Shoshana L. Dachs
  3. Using Psychology for Injury and Violence Prevention in the Community
    —David A. Sleet, Rodney Hammond, Russell T. Jones, Nina Thomas, and Billy Whitt

III. Building Healthy Workplaces

  1. Working Together: Balancing Head and Heart
    —James Campbell Quick, Joanne H. Gavin, Cary L. Cooper, and Jonathan D. Quick
  2. Four Dimensions of Healthy Work: Stress, Work–Family Relations, Violence Prevention, and Relationships at Work
    —James Campbell Quick, Chaya Piotrkowski, Lynn Jenkins, and Yolanda Bruce Brooks
  3. Ensuring Healthy Working Lives
    —Dorothy W. Cantor, Thomas E. Boyce, and Rena L. Repetti

IV. Afterword

Future Directions for Psychology and Health
—Norine G. Johnson

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About the Editors

Editor Bios

Ronald H. Rozensky, PhD, ABPP, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida. He is board certified in both clinical and clinical health psychology. Dr. Rozensky is the founding and present editor of the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings and has published five textbooks and over 30 journal articles on the science and practice of psychology in health care settings.

Norine G. Johnson, PhD, is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, Boston University Medical School and President of ABCS Psych Resources. She is Past President of the American Psychological Association®. Her 2001 presidential initiative, Psychology Builds a Healthy World, served as a foundation for this book. She is the 2002–2003 Psi Chi Distinguished Lecturer and the 2002–2003 Distinguished Nitze Professor. She was a delegate to the 2001 White House Summit on Early Childhood Development and Education and to the 2000 Surgeon General's Conference on Mental Health in Children.

Carol D. Goodheart, EdD, is a practicing psychologist, providing psychotherapy, education, consultation, and public speaking in Princeton, New Jersey. She is currently a Member, Board of Directors, American Psychological Association. She has authored and co-authored numerous books, including Living With Childhood Cancer: A Practical Guide to Help Families Cope and Treating People With Chronic Disease: A Psychological Guide.

W. Rodney Hammond, PhD, is Director of the Division of Violence Prevention, within the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Division of Health Psychology. His research and programmatic publications have focused on violence as a public health concern, especially youth violence.