Participatory Community Research: Theories and Methods in Action

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Participatory Community Research addresses the gap between scientific knowledge and the practice of community based research methods. Unlike the traditional approaches to research in which researchers generate the ideas for projects, define the methods, and interpret the outcomes, the approaches of participatory research empower community populations to shape the research agenda. Their participation often results in generating greater sociopolitical awareness and affecting large systemic change in the community.

Although this type of research has proven to be a powerful tool for community intervention, comparative analyses of methods and outcomes are absent from the literature. In this volume, leading community psychologists and practitioners discuss recent theoretical advances and innovative methods in the field. Valuable case studies illustrate how these participatory approaches have led to high quality collaborations, interventions, and prevention projects. Chapters examine the effects of participatory research on the community, research quality, collaborative challenges, and best practices. This text elucidates the challenges and successes of community psychology and will help set the course for future research in the field.

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Introduction: Capturing Theory and Methodology in Participatory Research
—Renée R. Taylor, Leonard A. Jason, Christopher B. Keys, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Margaret I. Davis, Joseph A. Durlak, and Daryl Holtz Isenberg

I. Principles and Practices

  1. Participatory Action Research: General Principles and a Study With a Chronic Health Condition
    —Fabricio E. Balcazar, Renée R. Taylor, Gary W. Kielhofner, Karen Tamley, Tom Benziger, Nancy Carlin, and Sabrina Johnson
  2. Community Development: Enhancing the Knowledge Base Through Participatory Action Research
    —Renée I. Boothroyd, Stephen B. Fawcett, and Pennie G. Foster-Fishman
  3. Epidemiological Research: Science and Community Participation
    —Susan R. Torres-Harding, Richard Herrell, and Carole Howard

II. Creation and Structure of Partnerships

  1. Primary Prevention: Involving Schools and Communities in Youth Health Promotion
    —Joseph A. Durlak, Roger P. Weissberg, Elena Quintana, and Francisco Perez
  2. Prevention Science: Participatory Approaches and Community Case Studies
    —Steven B. Pokorny, Donna R. Baptiste, Patrick Tolan, Barton J. Hirsch, Bruce Talbot, Peter Ji, Roberta L. Paikoff, and Sybil Madison-Boyd
  3. University–Community Partnerships: A Framework and an Exemplar
    —Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Margaret I. Davis, Joseph Ferrari, Philip Nyden, Bradley Olson, Josefina Alvarez, Paul Molloy, and Paul Toro

III. Power Sharing in Participatory Research

  1. Self-Help Research: Issues of Power Sharing
    —Daryl Holtz Isenberg, Colleen Loomis, Keith Humphreys, and Kenneth I. Maton
  2. Empowerment Evaluation: Principles and Action
    —Abraham Wandersman, Dana C. Keener, Jessica Snell-Johns, Robin Lin Miller, Paul Flaspohler, Melanie Livet-Dye, Julia Mendez, Thomas Behrens, Barbara Bolson, and LaVome Robinson

IV. Culture and Gender

  1. Feminist Perspectives: Empowerment Behind Bars
    —Doreen D. Salina, Jean L. Hill, Andrea L. Solarz, Linda Lesondak, Lisa Razzano, and Dorenda Dixon
  2. Culturally Anchored Research: Quandaries, Guidelines, and Exemplars for Community Psychology
    —Christopher B. Keys, Susan McMahon, Bernadette Sánchez, Lorna London, and Jaleel Abdul-Adil
  3. Community Narratives: The Use of Narrative Ethnography in Participatory Community Research
    —Gary W. Harper, Cécile Lardon, Julian Rappaport, Audrey K. Bangi, Richard Contreras, and Ana Pedraza

V. Stakeholder Perspectives

  1. Community Concerns About Participatory Research
    —Constance W. Van der Eb, Nancy Peddle, Mary Buntin, Daryl Holtz Isenberg, Lura Duncan, Steven Everett, Angela Glass, Lorraine Keck, Ricardo Millett, Lynne Mock, and Paul Molloy
  2. Student Reflections on Community Research Practices and Their Implications
    —Michelle Bloodworth, Chisina Kapungu, John M. Majer, Katherine McDonald, Aparna Sharma, Judah Viola, and Bianca Wilson
  3. Faculty Deconstructs Participatory Research
    —Stephanie Riger, Olga Reyes, Roderick W. Watts, James G. Kelly, Marybeth Shinn, Cary Cherniss, Leonard A. Jason, and Edison J. Trickett

VI. Concluding Thoughts

  1. Conclusion
    —Leonard A. Jason, Margaret I. Davis, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Christopher B. Keys, Renée R. Taylor, Daryl Holtz Isenberg, and Joseph A. Durlak

Appendix A. The Community Action Research Project as Context for the Chicago Conference
—J. R. Newbrough

Appendix B. New Horizons for Knowledge: The Influence of Citizen Participation
—Maritza Montero


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