Teaching and Social Justice: Integrating Multicultural and Feminist Theories in the Classroom

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Teaching effectively about social justice requires flexibility and willingness to teach at "borders" where various multicultural and feminists identities and theories meet. Using interdisciplinary scholarship, this volume links ideas that often remain disconnected or isolated from each other because of the priorities of different disciplines as well as the tendency to emphasize one social location (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation) over others.

Teaching and Social Justice provides psychologists and educators with a foundation to create their own multicultural feminist pedagogy. The volume challenges them with self-reflection and thought-provoking questions such as:

  • How does one's multicultural or feminist theoretical orientation influence how one teaches social justice?
  • How does this influence the manner in which one teaches about diversity issues?
  • How might one's theoretical position influence the organization and structure of the classroom, the interventions used, or classroom dynamics and learning?
  • How might one's relationship with one's institution be affected?

The contributors to this volume represent diverse social identities related to race, ethnicity, class, religion, sexual orientation, and nationality, which adds to the richness of their perspectives on pedagogy.

Psychologists and educators who are interested in a theoretically grounded approach and interdisciplinary integration will find Teaching and Social Justice invaluable and captivating.

Table of Contents



  1. Toward Defining and Integrating Multicultural Feminist Pedagogies
    —Carolyn Zerbe Enns and Linda M. Forrest
  2. Second-Wave Feminisms and Their Relationships to Pedagogy
    —Carolyn Zerbe Enns and Ada L. Sinacore
  3. Diversity Feminisms: Postmodern, Women-of-Color, Antiracist, Lesbian, Third-Wave, and Global Perspectives
    —Ada L. Sinacore and Carolyn Zerbe Enns
  4. Multicultural Education and Critical Pedagogy Approaches
    —Saba Rasheed Ali and Julie R. Ancis
  5. Multicultural Counseling Training Approaches: Implications for Pedagogy
    —Julie R. Ancis and Saba Rasheed Ali
  6. Multicultural and Feminist Literatures: Themes, Dimensions, and Variations
    —Ada L. Sinacore and Carolyn Zerbe Enns
  7. The Feminist Classroom: Feminist Strategies and Student Responses
    —Ada L. Sinacore and Karyn J. Boatwright
  8. The Challenges, Impact, and Implementation of Critical Multicultural Pedagogies
    —Angela M. Byars-Winston, Özge Akçali, Karen W. Tao, Cecilia A. Nepomuceno, Tina M. Anctil, Vianey Acevedo, Nan Benally, and Georgiana Wilton
  9. Multicultural Feminist Mentoring as Individual and Small-Group Pedagogy
    —Ruth E. Fassinger and Nancy F. Hensler-McGinnis
  10. The Institution, the Educator, and the Student
    —Michele C. Boyer and Heidi A. Larson
  11. Integrating Multicultural and Feminist Pedagogies: Personal Perspectives on Positionality, Challenges, and Benefits
    —Carolyn Zerbe Enns, Ada L. Sinacore, Vianey Acevedo, Özge Akçali, Saba Rasheed Ali, Julie R. Ancis, Tina M. Anctil, Karyn J. Boatwright, Michele C. Boyer, Angela M. Byars-Winston, Ruth E. Fassinger, Linda M. Forrest, Nancy F. Hensler-McGinnis, Heidi A. Larson, Cecilia A. Nepomuceno, and Karen W. Tao


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