Experimental Cognitive Psychology and Its Applications

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The study of cognition has experienced rapid growth in the last decade. This topic is fundamental both to the science of psychology and to its applications in real world problems. Yet there has traditionally been a huge gap between basic research findings in this area and practice in the field. Experimental Cognitive Psychology and Its Applications aims to bridge this gap by bringing together a group of distinguished experimental psychologists who show how their findings can be applied in daily life.

Chapters cover key areas of cognitive psychological research including:

  • learning
  • memory
  • information processing
  • discourse
  • knowledge representation

The contributors show how basic research in these areas has applications in the areas of

  • mathematical problem solving
  • task requirements during training
  • cross-cultural investigations of intelligence
  • the investigation of recall
  • the improvement in educational methods

This volume honors three distinguished faculty members from the University of Colorado who are recently retired from teaching at the university: Lyle Bourne, Walter Kintsch, and Thomas Landauer. Throughout their careers, these pioneers have done basic research on a wide range of topics in experimental cognitive psychology and have made important contributions to our practical understanding.

This book will appeal to experimental psychologists; practitioners involved in training, education, and testing; and students and researchers interested in the core issues of human cognition.

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