Cognitive Methods and Their Application to Clinical Research

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The past 20 years have witnessed an explosion of research examining cognitive biases in individuals with a variety of clinical diagnoses. Clinical psychologists who conduct research in this area often adapt standard laboratory cognitive tasks to investigate cognitive correlates of psychopathology. Conversely, cognitive psychologists are increasingly more prone to use their standard laboratory tasks with clinical populations to extend their theories in clinically relevant directions and to subject their theories to tests not possible in other populations. However, clinical psychologists often have little background in cognitive psychology, and cognitive psychologists often have little training in conducting research with special populations.

This volume discusses the popularly used cognitive tasks in applied research, including the:

  • Stroop
  • Selective Attention
  • Implicit Memory
  • Directed Forgetting
  • Autobiographical Memory

For each, the contributors provide the background necessary for readers to ground themselves in the basics and be directed to more detailed information that they might need. The result is an ambitious text that will assist researchers from different backgrounds in finding important task-related data.

Clinical or experimental graduate students and researchers will find this book to be an up-to-date resource on conducting rigorous research.

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