Sleep and Cognition

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This volume investigates recent work on implicit memory and other aspects of information processing outside of awareness. It explores the role of the sleep laboratory as a vehicle for studying various aspects of information processing outside of awareness.

Table of Contents




I. General Overviews

  1. The Neurocognition of Sleep Mentation: Rapid Eye Movements, Visual Imagery, and Dreaming
    —John Antrobus
  2. Activation, Input Source, and Modulation: A Neurocognitive Model of the State of the Brain–Mind
    —J. Allan Hobson

II. Cognition During Sleep

  1. Event-Related Brain Potential (ERP) Studies of Cognition During Sleep: Is It More Than a Dream?
    —Marta Kutas
  2. Stimulus Control and Sleep
    —John Harsh and Pietro Badia
  3. Memories in Sleep: Old and New
    —Pietro Badia
  4. Behavioral Responses During Sleep
    —Frederick J. Evans
  5. Learning During Sleep
    —Eric Eich
  6. Lucid Dreaming: Psychophysiological Studies of Consciousness During REM Sleep
    —Stephen LaBerge
  7. Cognitive Processing and General Anesthesia
    —Les Goldmann

III. Cognition Before and After Sleep

  1. Insomnia: The Patient and the Pill
    —Wallace B. Mendelson
  2. The Perception of Sleep Onset in Insomniacs and Normal Sleepers
    —Michael H. Bonnet
  3. Are You Awake? Cognitive Performance and Reverie During the Hypnopompic State
    —David F. Dinges

IV. Clinical Topics

  1. A Network Model of Dreams
    —Rosalind Cartwright
  2. Nightmares (Dream Disturbances) in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Implications for a Theory of Dreaming
    —Milton Kramer