HIV+ Sex: The Psychological and Interpersonal Dynamics of HIV-Seropositive Gay and Bisexual Men's Relationships

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HIV is no longer a death sentence, and persons with HIV are living longer, healthier and more sexually active lives. Nevertheless, the sexual practices of gay and bisexual men living with HIV have largely been ignored or demonized. Much prior study has either treated HIV seropositive persons as asexual, failing to acknowledge their sexual desires and behaviors, or viewed this population's sexuality only in terms of its potential for spreading disease. These limited views have resulted in a significant lapse in clinical understanding of the challenges faced by HIV-positive men seeking active and vital sexual lives.

HIV+ Sex illuminates the struggles faced by HIV-positive gay and bisexual men as sexual beings, but also describes the myriad ways in which many of these men are able to celebrate their sexuality. Giving voice to the stories of hundreds of seropositive individuals, the editors and contributors explore how gay and bisexual men live with HIV and make decisions about sex, express their sexuality, choose their sexual partners, and balance their physical and emotional health while attempting to maintain viable and responsible sex lives. The personal narratives, in addition to featured findings of extensive behavioral research studies, provide orientation and valuable insight for studying and working with this population.

This distinctive and timely volume offers meaningful and practical information for anyone working with HIV seropositive gay and bisexual men in both research and service domains.

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