Methamphetamine Addiction: Biological Foundations, Psychological Factors, and Social Consequences

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Methamphetamine is a drug that rapidly affects its users. It offers an intense high that allows users to be focused and highly productive, have intense sexual experiences, and feel on top of the world. The drug is easily accessible and affordable to a diverse array of users and as a result has become a major public health concern in the United States.

Methamphetamine Addiction presents a biopsychosocial perspective on this drug addiction, taking into account the biochemistry of the drug, the predispositions and behavioral patterns of the individual user, and the effects of the drug on the immediate and wider social environments of these drug users.

Drawing on the most current theories and most recent clinical, behavioral, and medical research available, author Perry Halkitis provides extensive background on the drug. He examines its production in the US, its addictive properties, and its effects on users, which include a complex synergy with HIV. National prevention efforts are discussed as well as treatment options and directions for future research.

Two contributed chapters, one from a physician and the other from a counseling psychologist, provide details on working compassionately and effectively with methamphetamine users in healthcare settings.

While the book is written from the perspective of a behavioral scientist, it also provides guidance to health and mental health professionals, social workers, public health officials, counselors, teachers, addiction educators, and treatment specialists. This is truly a comprehensive look at the drug epidemic of our time.

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