The Social Psychology of Group Identity and Social Conflict: Theory, Application, and Practice

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The Social Psychology of Group Identity and Social Conflict examines the far-reaching influence of Herbert C. Kelman, a psychologist who is both a scientist and a peacemaker. Kelman is renowned for his contributions to the study of social influence in social psychology as well as to international conflict resolution and the peace research movement. He developed the interactive problem solving method, which helped lay the groundwork for the 1993 Oslo agreement between Israel and the PLO. His work has profoundly affected the ways in which social psychologists think about the links between personal and national identity, between intragroup and intergroup processes and between individual behavior and the functioning of social systems.

In this edited volume, distinguished scholars elaborate on Kelman's scholarship through the examination of their own theories and research. Their work explores the four areas that have defined Kelman's career: the ethics of social research, conformity and obedience, national identity and nationalism, and ethnic conflict resolution.

The chapters consider the theoretical foundations of research on social influence and social conflict and the application of theory to issues of health, educational practices, organizational effectiveness, international peace, and the practice of conflict resolution.

This provocative collection of essays illustrates the broad scope that Kelman's work encompasses and demonstrates that psychology can be a powerful tool for individual, organizational, and societal change.

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