Perspectives on Socially Shared Cognition

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Is thought confined within the boundaries of each individual mind? Today, psychologists are pioneering a new alternative to this classic view, claiming that our thinking is shaped by others, in a process known as socially shared cognition.

This volume brings you fascinating reports from investigators in psychology, social psychology, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, and literature. As an overview of socially shared cognition, it defines the field and sets an agenda for future research. Explore this emerging field with its revolutionary implications for all psychologists.

This softcover edition is a re-release of the 1991 hardcover edition.

Table of Contents




  1. Shared Cognition: Thinking as Social Practice
    —Lauren B. Resnick

I. Socially Situated Cognition: The Social Character of Motives and Task Representations

  1. A Clash of Conversational Worlds: Interpreting Cognitive Development Through Communication
    —Michael Siegal
  2. The Social Construction of Meaning and Cognitive Activity in Elementary School Children
    —Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont, Jean-François Perret, and Nancy Bell
  3. Situating Learning in Communities of Practice
    —Jean Lave

II. Socially Constructed Tools of Reasoning

  1. A Sociocultural Approach to Socially Shared Cognition
    —James V. Wertsch
  2. "It's About Winning!" The Language of Knowledge in Baseball
    —Shirley Brice Heath

III. Coordinating Cognition: Linguistic Tools and Social Knowledge

  1. Grounding in Communication
    —Herbert H. Clark and Susan E. Brennan
  2. Conversation Analysis and Socially Shared Cognition
    —Emanuel A. Schegloff
  3. Constructing Shared Communicative Environments
    —Robert M. Krauss and Susan R. Fussell

IV. Creating Common Conceptions: The Sources of Cultural Knowledge

  1. The Information Economy Model Applied to Biological Similarity Judgment
    —James S. Boster
  2. Characterizing Supporting Environments for Cognitive Development: Lessons From Children in a Museum
    —Rochel Gelman, Christine M. Massey, and Mary McManus
  3. Culture and Socialization in Work Groups
    —John M. Levine and Richard L. Moreland

V. Collaborating at Work

  1. The Social Organization of Distributed Cognition
    —Edwin Hutchins
  2. Cognitive and Social Processes in Decision Making
    —Reid Hastie and Nancy Pennington

VI. The Individual in Sociocognitive Context

  1. Sharing Cognition Through Collective Comprehension Activity
    —Giyoo Hatano and Kayoko Inagaki
  2. Social Interaction as Apprenticeship in Thinking: Guided Participation in Spatial Planning
    —Barbara Rogoff
  3. Collaborations Among Toddler Peers: Individual Contributions to Social Contexts
    —Celia A. Brownell and Michael Sean Carriger
  4. Problems of Direction in Socially Shared Cognition
    —William Damon
  5. Conclusion
    —Michael Cole

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