The Perception of Structure

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This volume explores the concept of psychological structure in a variety of contemporary research settings including perception of colors, developmental processes, structures in memory recall, patterns in language, animal stimuli, and perception of music.

Viewed as a critical update of Wendell Garner's seminal 1962 work, Uncertainty and Structure as Psychological Concepts, The Perception of Structure surveys the state of knowledge of psychological structure and paves the way for potentially substantial research breakthroughs in the 21st century.

Table of Contents


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  1. Perception of Structure: An Overview
    —James R. Pomerantz and Gregory R. Lockhead

I. Stimulus Structure

  1. Goodness, Gestalt, Groups, and Garner: Local Symmetry Subgroups as a Theory of Figural Goodness
    —Stephen E. Palmer
  2. Why Our Stimuli Look As They Do
    —James E. Cutting
  3. Integrality Versus Separability of Stimulus Dimensions: From an Early Convergence of Evidence to a Proposed Theoretical Basis
    —Roger N. Shepard
  4. Pattern Goodness and Pattern Recognition
    —Irving Biederman, H. John Hilton, and John E. Hummel
  5. Subjective Randomness, Aesthetics, and Structure
    —Sarah Hollingsworth Lisanby and Gregory R. Lockhead
  6. Apparent Randomness Is Not Always the Complement of Apparent Order
    —Michael Kubovy and David Gilden

II. Attributes and Attention

  1. Redundancy Gain Revisited: Evidence for Parallel Processing of Separable Dimensions
    —Howard E. Egeth and Toby Mordkoff
  2. Imagery and the Perception of Musical Timbre
    —Robert G. Crowder
  3. Response Competition Produces a "Fast Same Effect" in Same–Different Judgments
    —James D. St. James and Charles W. Eriksen
  4. Early Selection, Late Selection, and the Partitioning of Structure
    —Donald Broadbent
  5. Perception of Color: A Comparison of Alternative Structural Organizations
    —Bryan E. Shepp
  6. The Structure of Visual Configurations: Stimulus Versus Subject Contributions
    —James R. Pomerantz

III. Animal Behavior

  1. Perceptual Analysis in Pigeon Visual Search
    —Donald S. Blough
  2. Representation of Multidimensional Stimuli in Pigeons
    —Donald A. Riley and Michael F. Brown

IV. Language

  1. Lexical Echoes of Perceptual Structure
    —George A. Miller
  2. Words, the World, and Their Possibilities
    —Herbert H. Clark
  3. On the Influence of Response Uncertainty and Task Structure on Retrieval From Lexical Memory
    —James H. Neely

V. Development

  1. Perceptual Structure and Developmental Process
    —Linda B. Smith
  2. The Perception of Facial Structure in Infancy
    —John Morton and Mark Johnson

Afterword: A Final Commentary
—Wendell R. Garner