Why are some individuals predisposed to drug abuse? What are the factors that lead to drug abuse? This book offers fresh insights into these complex and disturbing questions by examining the full range of factors that affect vulnerability, focusing specifically on factors and patterns associated with the transition from drug use to drug abuse.

Vulnerability to Drug Abuse represents the foremost contemporary thought on the etiology of substance abuse. It provides practitioners and researchers with the results of multidisciplinary and longitudinal studies as well as intervention strategies for prevention and treatment.

This softcover edition is a re-release of the 1992 hardcover edition.

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Vulnerability to Drug Abuse: Introduction and Overview
—Meyer D. Glantz and Roy W. Pickens

  1. Transitions in Drug Use: Risk and Protective Factors
    —Richard R. Clayton
  2. Nosological Considerations in the Diagnosis of Substance Use Disorders
    —Thomas F. Babor
  3. Familial Factors in Vulnerability to Substance Abuse
    —Kathleen R. Merikangas, Bruce J. Rounsaville, and Brigitte A. Prusoff
  4. Genetic and Environmental Factors in Initiation of Drug Use and the Transition to Abuse
    —Remi J. Cadoret
  5. Biological Factors in Sociopathy: Relationships to Drug Abuse Behaviors
    —Roy King, Deborah Curtis, and Guenther Knoblich
  6. The Role of Psychopathology in the Transition From Drug Use to Abuse and Dependence
    —Roger D. Weiss
  7. Ontogeny of Substance Abuse: Perspectives and Findings
    —Ralph E. Tarter and Ada C. Mezzich
  8. Affectivity: A Central Mechanism in the Development of Drug Dependence
    —Robert J. Pandina, Valerie Johnson, and Erich W. Labouvie
  9. Progression to Regular Marijuana Involvement: Phenomenology and Risk Factors for Near-Daily Use
    —Denise B. Kandel and Mark Davies
  10. Understanding the Multidimensional Nature of Drug Use and Abuse: The Role of Consumption, Risk Factors, and Protective Factors
    —Michael D. Newcomb
  11. Relationships Between Circumstances Surrounding Initial Illicit Drug Use and Escalation of Drug Use: Moderating Effects of Gender and Early Adolescent Experiences
    —Howard B. Kaplan and Robert J. Johnson
  12. Psychosocial Risk Factors in the Transition From Moderate to Heavy Use or Abuse of Drugs
    —Judith S. Brook, Patricia Cohen, Martin Whiteman, and Ann S. Gordon
  13. A Developmental Psychopathology Model of Drug Abuse Vulnerability
    —Meyer D. Glantz
  14. Predictive Factors in Adult Substance Abuse: A Prospective Study of African American Adolescents
    —Ann F. Brunswick, Peter A. Messeri, and Stephen P. Titus
  15. Another Time, Another Drug
    —Joan McCord
  16. The Many Paths to Drug Dependence
    —George E. Woody, Harold C. Urschel III, and Arthur Alterman

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