International Psychological Science: Progress, Problems, and Prospects

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Copyright: 1992
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This volume surveys the realm of psychological science around the world, presenting an international portrait of psychological research. Part I presents the results of a survey completed in 1991 by the International Union of Psychological Science. Part II reviews seven significant areas of psychological research. The authors of seven chapters come from six different countries, thus enabling International Psychological Science to offer an international cross-cultural perspective on the selected research areas. Prepared under the auspices of the International Union of Psychological Science.

Table of Contents




  1. Introduction: What is Psychological Science?
    —Mark R. Rosenzweig
  2. Resources for Psychological Science Around the World
    —Mark R. Rosenzweig
  3. Human Learning and Memory: A Cognitive Perspective
    —Lars-Göran Nilsson
  4. Research on the Neural Bases of Learning and Memory
    —Mark R. Rosenzweig
  5. Research on Parenting and Child Development in a Cross-Cultural Perspective
    —Çigdem Kagitçibasi
  6. Visual Perception
    —Qicheng Jing
  7. Health Psychology
    —Wayne H. Holtzman
  8. Research on Psychotherapy
    —Larry E. Beutler and Paulo P. P. Machado
  9. Psychological Assessment
    —Kurt Pawlik