Psychological Testing of Hispanics

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Psychological Testing of Hispanics concentrates on two main themes: differential psychology and psychological testing in the specific context of testing Hispanics. This book presents an integration of these themes toward the goal of understanding the test performance of Hispanics while emphasizing the proper use of psychological tests. In this text, psychometric issues are discussed as central to the understanding of psychological testing. Psychological Testing of Hispanics reviews social policy and legal issues including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's guidelines that were intended to balance psychometrics and social policy concerns.

This softcover edition is a re-release of the 1992 hardcover edition.

Table of Contents



  1. Introductory Remarks
    —Anne Anastasi

I. Technical and Societal Issues in the Testing of Hispanics

  1. Introduction to Technical and Societal Issues in the Psychological Testing of Hispanics
  2. Fairness and Selected Psychometric Issues in the Psychological Testing of Hispanics
    —Kurt F. Geisinger
  3. A Rasch Approach to Scaling Issues in Testing Hispanics
    —Michael L. O'Brien
  4. Legal Issues in the Educational Testing of Hispanics
    —Thomas F. Donlon
  5. Reactions to Technical and Societal Issues in Testing Hispanics
    —Cynthia Board Schmeiser

II. Educational Issues in the Testing of Hispanics

  1. Overcoming Bias in the Educational Assessment of Hispanic Students
    —Giuseppe Costantino
  2. Interpreting Test Performance in Selective Admissions for Hispanic Students
    —María Pennock-Román
  3. Clinical Assessment of Instructional Performance in Cooperative Learning
    —Richard P. Durán
  4. Dynamic Measurement for Dynamic Education: A Call for Compatible Measurement–Learning Models
    —Barbara S. Plake

III. The Testing of Hispanics in Industry and Research

  1. Introduction to the Testing of Hispanics in Industry and Research
    —Lorraine D. Eyde
  2. Testing and Assessment of Hispanics for Occupational and Management Positions: A Developmental Needs Analysis
    —Robert A. Ramos
  3. Commonalities Between Test Validity and External Validity in Basic Research on Hispanics
    —Nancy A. Busch-Rossnagel
  4. Fairness and Fair Use in Employment Testing: A Matter of Perspective
    —Wayne J. Camara

IV. Cultural and Clinical Issues in the Testing of Hispanics

  1. Issues in the Measurement of Acculturation Among Hispanics
    —Gerardo Marín
  2. Psychological Testing of Hispanic Americans in Clinical Settings: Overview and Issues
    —Roberto J. Velásquez and Wendell J. Callahan
  3. Some Needed Research on the Assessment of Hispanics in Clinical Settings
    —Giselle B. Esquivel


  1. Reflections on Testing: Emerging Trends and New Possibilities
    —Amado M. Padilla


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