Studying Lives Through Time: Personality and Development

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This book presents a state-of-the-art survey of longitudinal research that documents the coherence (rather than consistency) of personality across the life course, surveys some modern approaches to personality assessment, and demonstrates the processes by which personality can change for the better.

Studying Lives Through Time offers methodological contributions that emphasize conceptual and empirical aspects of data interpretation as well as statistical issues. Substantive contributions from recent studies provide several specific examples of how personality coherence results from the way people select and change their social environments over the course of their lives.

This softcover edition is a re-release of the 1996 hardcover edition.

Table of Contents

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  1. Studying Lives Through Time: About This Book
    —David C. Funder, Ross D. Parke, Carol Tomlinson-Keasey, and Keith Widaman
  2. Studying Personality the Long Way
    —Jack Block

I. Examining the Methods

  1. The Value of Archival Data for New Perspectives on Personality
    —Jacquelyn B. James and Elizabeth L. Paul
  2. Opportunities and Challenges Posed by Archival Data Sets
    —Carol Tomlinson-Keasey
  3. Comparing Longitudinal Studies of Adult Development: Toward a Paradigm of Tension Between Stability and Change
    —Ravenna Helson
  4. Judgments as Data for Personality and Developmental Psychology: Error Versus Accuracy
    —David C. Funder
  5. The Q-Sort Method and the Study of Personality Development
    —Daniel J. Ozer
  6. The Structure of Personality Traits: Vertical and Horizontal Aspects
    —Lewis R. Goldberg
  7. Conformity and Conscientiousness: One Factor or Two Stages?
    —Jane Loevinger
  8. Methodological Implications of a Peephole Perspective on Personality
    —David Magnusson, Tommy Anderson, and Bertil Törestad

II. Weighing the Evidence

  1. Interpersonal Memories as Maps for Personality Consistency
    —Avril Thome and Eva Klohnen
  2. Depressive Symptoms in Young Adults: A Developmental Perspective on Gender Differences
    —Per F. Gjerde
  3. Child-Rearing Antecedents of Suboptimal Personality Development: Exploring Aspects of Alice Miller's Concept of the Poisonous Pedagogy
    —David M. Harrington
  4. Individuals in Relationships: Development From Infancy Through Adolescence
    —L. Alan Sroufe, Elizabeth Carlson, and Shmuel Shulman
  5. Why Maladaptive Behaviors Persist: Sources of Continuity and Change Across the Life Course
    —Avshalom Caspi
  6. Vulnerability and Resilience
    —Norman Garmezy
  7. Implications of Cognitive–Experiential Self-Theory for Personality and Developmental Psychology
    —Seymour Epstein


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