Nature, Nurture, and Psychology

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Behavioral genetic research in psychology has accelerated dramatically in the last ten years, yielding critical discoveries about the origins of individual differences. Nature, Nurture, and Psychology offers a past and present overview of nature-nurture research and identifies directions for the future of this emerging field.

Top investigators summarize current findings in the most promising research domains: cognitive abilities and disabilities, the development of personality and temperament, and psychopathology. Leading environmentalists and behavioral geneticists explore the gap between nature and nurture and propose new theories that encompass both concepts. The volume reveals why nature and nurture are increasingly being viewed as interactive rather than discrete agents of change.

Table of Contents



I. A Century of Nature and Nurture

  1. Evolution of the Nature–Nurture Issue in the History of Psychology
    —Gregory A. Kimble
  2. Behavioral Genetics: The Last Century and the Next
    —Gerald E. McClearn

II. The Genetics of Cognitive Abilities and Disabilities

—John C. DeFries

  1. Behavioral Genetics of Cognitive Ability: A Life-Span Perspective
    —Matt McGue, Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr., William G. Iacono, and David T. Lykken
  2. Continuity and Change in Cognitive Development
    —David W. Fulker, S. S. Cherny, and Lon R. Cardon
  3. Genetics of Specific Cognitive Abilities
    —Lon R. Cardon and David W. Fulker
  4. Genetics of Reading Disability
    —John C. DeFries and Jacquelyn J. Gillis
  5. Cognitive Abilities and Disabilities in Perspective
    —Duane Alexander

III. Nature–Nurture and the Development of Personality

—H. H. Goldsmith

  1. Intelligence and the Behavioral Genetics of Personality
    —Nathan Brody
  2. Genetic Perspectives on Personality
    —David C. Rowe
  3. The Idea of Temperament: Where Do We Go From Here?
    —Jerome Kagan, Doreen Arcus, and Nancy Snidman

IV. Psychopathology: Genetic and Experiential Factors

—Irving I. Gottesman

  1. Genes, Adversity, and Depression
    —Peter McGuffin and Randy Katz
  2. Origins of Schizophrenia: Past as Prologue
    —Irving I. Gottesman
  3. From Proteins to Cognitions: The Behavioral Genetics of Alcoholism
    —Matt McGue
  4. Autism: Syndrome Definition and Possible Genetic Mechanisms
    —Michael Rutter, Anthony Bailey, Patrick Bolton, and Ann Le Couteur
  5. Genes, Personality, and Psychopathology: A Latent Class Analysis of Liability to Symptoms of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Twins
    —Lindon Eaves, Judy Silberg, John K. Hewitt, Joanne Meyer, Michael Rutter,Emily Simonoff, Michael Neale, and Andrew Pickles

V. Bridging the Nature–Nurture Gap

—Theodore D. Wachs

  1. Heredity, Environment, and the Question "How?"—A First Approximation
    —Urie Bronfenbrenner and Stephen J. Ceci
  2. Nature–Nurture Issues in the Behavioral Genetics Context: Overcoming Barriers to Communication
    —H. H. Goldsmith
  3. The Need for a Comprehensive New Environmentalism
    —FrancesDegen Horowitz
  4. The Question "How?" Reconsidered
    —David C. Rowe and Irwin D. Waldman
  5. The Nature–Nurture Gap: What We Have Here Is a Failure to Collaborate
    —Theodore D. Wachs

VI. The Interplay of Nature and Nurture: Redirecting the Inquiry

—Michael Rutter

  1. The New Quantitative Genetic Epidemiology of Behavior
    —John K. Hewitt
  2. Genes and the Environment: Siblings and Synthesis
    —David Reiss
  3. Whither Behavioral Genetics?—A Developmental Psychopathological Perspective
    —Michael Rutter, Judy Silberg, and Emily Simonoff

VII. Summary

  1. Nature and Nurture: Perspective and Prospective
    —Robert Plomin


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