Can Personality Change?

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Publication Date: 1994
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The question, "Can Personality Change?" has absorbed psychologists since William James first proposed that personality was "set in plaster" by early adulthood. Although there is substantial evidence for both personality stability and change, the trick is to understand what changes and what does not, when to expect stability and when to expect change, and why these occur as they do.

In this volume, leading figures in the field of personality research examine provocative theories of change and stability, present important new data from longitudinal research, and discuss state-of-the-art measurement issues. In addition to exploring solid traditional approaches to studying personality stability and change, this volume stimulates fresh insights by examining such processes as sudden transformational change; by looking to the addiction and recovery field for clues as to how change occurs or is blocked; and by tracing precursors to change, such as the "crystallization of discontent."

Whether personality can change is arguably one of the most important and interesting issues facing psychologists today. This volume asks the right questions and arrives at answers that will intrigue all those whose research or practice is involved with how people change.

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