This volume draws on the thinking of more than 100 representatives of public service and academic organization, mostly psychologists, who participated in the 1990 National Conference on Implementing Public–Academic Linkages for Clinical Training in Psychology, cosponsored by NIMH and Georgetown University. It presents recommendations developed in the conference to advance the clinical training of psychology, and especially, to meet the mental health needs of the major underserved populations. In highlighting what can be done by psychologists to respond to the needs of such underserved groups through linkages between public and academic agencies, this volume holds promise for more efficient, effective, and relevant clinical training.

Table of Contents

—Bernard S. Arons and Frederick K. Goodwin

—Raymond D. Fowler



  1. Public–Academic Linkages
    —Paul Wohlford, Joanne E. Callan, and Hector F. Myers

I. Efforts to Improve Clinical Training for Psychological Services to Targeted Groups

  1. Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Children, Adolescents, and Their Families
    —Paul Wohlford and Phyllis R. Magrab
  2. Seriously Mentally Ill Adults
    —Dale L. Johnson
  3. Psychological Services for Older Adults
    —Linda Teri
  4. Ethnic Minorities With Mental Disorders
    —Hector F. Myers
  5. Clients With Substance Abuse and Comorbid Diagnoses
    —Holly A. Hills, Robert A. Zucker, and Steven L. Seitz

II. Public Mental Health Service Responsibilities for the Mentally Ill

  1. The Role of the State in Public–Academic Linkages for Clinical Training
    —James P. Stratoudakis, Henry Tomes, Paul Wohlford, and James Stockdill
  2. The Community Support Program and Psychology: Trends and Opportunities
    —Andrea K. Blanch
  3. Public–Academic Collaboration in Training Child Mental Health Professionals
    —Lenore B. Behar
  4. The Human Resource Development Program: Improving Community-Based Mental Health Services
    —Susan E. Salasin, Thomas E. Backer, and Frank D. McGuirk
  5. The Role of Community Mental Health Centers in Public–Academic Linkages
    —David S. Hargrove
  6. Consumer Impact on Mental Health Services, Clinical Training, and Public–Academic Linkages: Some Personal Reflections
    —Frederick J. Frese

III. Models of Effective Public–Academic Collaboration

  1. State Mental Health Systems and Universities: A Conceptual Model for Collaborative Service
    —King E. Davis
  2. The North Carolina Children and Youth Demonstration Project: Increasing Professionals' Understanding of Service Systems
    —Lenore B. Behar, Tom Bainbridge, and Richard Munger
  3. Initiatives in Ohio With Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Children and Adolescents
    —W. Rodney Hammond and Betty Yung
  4. The Cincinnati Consortium: Training for Services to Seriously Mentally Disabled Adults and Their Families
    —David T. Hellkamp
  5. Developing the Maryland Training Consortium on Serious Mental Illness
    —Robert D. Coursey, Stanley E. Weinstein, and Lee E. Deckelnick
  6. Creating a Competent Workforce in Vermont: Promoting Public–Academic Linkages and Human Resource Development
    —Annamarie T. Cioffari, John D. Burchard, Paul J. Carling, and Rodney E. Copeland
  7. The Colorado Postdoctoral Training Consortium: An Innovative Postdoctoral Program in Public Psychology
    —Carl N. Zimet and Courtenay Harding

IV. Ensuring Quality and Competence in Training for Mental Health Services

  1. Using Research and Evaluation to Develop a Competent Workforce for Mental Health Services
    —Paul Wohlford and Ronald W. Manderscheid
  2. Assessing the Competencies of Clinical Psychologists
    —Lee Sechrest and Anne Scott
  3. The Role of the State in Ensuring Quality in Health Care Service Delivery and Its Linkage With the Private and Public Sectors
    —Judy E. Hall
  4. Improving the Clinical Training of Psychologists: A Role for Accreditation?
    —Paul D. Nelson
  5. Clinical Training and Research for Children's Services
    —Robert M. Friedman
  6. Public Mental Health Systems and Research: Can This Relationship Survive?
    —Michael F. Hogan


  1. Current Progress and Future Directions
    —Paul Wohlford, Hector F. Myers, and Joanne E. Callan


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  3. State Mental Health Planning
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