Violence, Aggression, and Coercive Actions

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Copyright: 1994
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Psychologists, sociologists, and criminologists continue to study whether or not some individuals are predisposed to violence or if violent behavior is learned. Their investigations have led to a third critical question: How do the ends relate to the means when violence is used to influence social outcomes?

In Violence, Aggression, and Coercive Actions, authors Tedeschi and Felson describe a provocative theory that focuses on social conflicts and the concepts of power, influence, social identity, and retributive justice. Tedeschi and Felson begin with a thorough examination and critique of the traditional theories of aggression; including the biological, physiological, and criminological perspectives. The authors synthesize key findings of these and other theoretical perspectives to support and define their own social interactionist theory of aggression which explores face-to-face confrontations and the intent of the aggressor's particular actions.

Violence, Aggression, and Coercive Actions presents a strong theoretical foundation for practical analysis and intervention. Particularly useful are discussions surrounding pornography and TV/media violence, as well as sexual coercion and parenting styles (abusive discipline/ normal deterrents).

Scholarly, well-referenced, and clearly organized, Violence, Aggression, and Coercive Actions offers a new theory about aggression that is rooted in social and psychological perspectives. Because of its interdisciplinary approach, the book will be appropriate for psychology, sociology, and criminology audiences. The book's extensive focus on theory will make it an invaluable primary or supplemental text in the classroom.

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