Measuring Self-Concept Across the Life Span: Issues and Instrumentation

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Note: This book is out of print and no longer available for purchase.

Researchers and practitioners in the social science and mental health professions will find a valuable resource in this extensive and in-depth review of self-concept measures that can be used with individuals across the life span, from preschool through late adulthood.

The measures were carefully selected by Barbara M. Byrne according to the prevalence of their use in research and practice, their psychometric soundness, the strength of their theoretical base, and their demonstrable utility in a variety of research and practice situations. They include measures that are multidimensional, global, and specific to such areas as academic and physical self-concept and to such special populations as individuals with learning disabilities and those with hearing impairments. For each measure there is a description of the instrument, the target population, the scale structure, administration and scoring procedures, normative data and related psychometric research, as well as an evaluative summary and source information. Most of these measures are unrestricted and easily obtained.

Byrne also provides a comprehensive review of the literature related to seven empirically testable models of self-concept. Finally, the author identifies the most important psychometric issues related to measuring self-concept, describes the limitations associated with the current state of self-concept measurement, and points to promising directions for future research and application.

Table of Contents



  1. Measuring Self-Concept: The Conceptual Issues
  2. Measuring Self-Concept: The Psychometric Issues
  3. Search for and Selection of Self-Concept Measures
  4. Measures of Self-Concept for Young Children
  5. Measures of Self-Concept for Preadolescents
  6. Measures of Self-Concept for Adolescents
  7. Measures of Self-Concept for Adults
  8. Measures of Self-Concept for Special Populations
  9. Self-Concept Measurement: State of the Art and Future Directions



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