Selected Research on Work Team Diversity

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Although much research has focused on the implications of changing workforce demographics for organizations and on characteristics of organizational settings, relatively few studies have been conducted on diversity within work teams. The seven research papers in this book, selected from a conference sponsored by the American Psychological Association, the Center for Creative Leadership, and New York University, expand the current state of knowledge in diverse teams and provide implications for further research and practice.

Co-published by the American Psychological Association and the Center for Creative Leadership.

Table of Contents



—Marian N. Ruderman, Martha W. Hughes-James, and Susan E. Jackson

I. The Management of Diverse Teams

  1. The Cost of Leading Diversity: Effects of Group Diversity on Leaders' Perceptions
    —Margarita C. Mayo, James R. Meindl, and Juan-Carlos Pastor
  2. Culture and Leadership Among Taiwanese and U.S. Workers: Do Values Influence Leadership Ideals?
    —Keith James, Dz-Lyang Chen, and Russell Cropanzano
  3. The Effect of Value Differences on Social Interaction Processes and Job Outcomes: Implications for Managing Diversity
    —Michele J. Gelfand, Kristine M. Kuhn, and Phanikiran Radhakrishnan

II. The Impact of Group Composition

  1. Personality Diversity and Its Relationship to Managerial Team Productivity
    —Keith M. Eigel and Karl W. Kuhnert
  2. Effects of Group Diversity on Perceptions of Group and Self Among Scientists and Engineers
    —Nancy DiTomaso, Rene Cordero, and George F. Farris
  3. The Limitations of Organizational Demography: Can Diversity Climate Be Enhanced in the Absence of Teamwork?
    —Ellen Ernst Kossek, Susan C. Zonia, and Willard Young

III. The Dynamics of Group Process

  1. The Vicious and Virtuous Facets of Workforce Diversity
    —Sumita Raghuram and Raghu Garud

Directions for Further Research
—Marian N. Ruderman, Martha W. Hughes-James, and Susan E. Jackson

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