Uniting Psychology and Biology: Integrative Perspectives on Human Development

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Even as smaller and smaller niches in psychology are carved out, the discipline moves toward a more holistic approach to behavioral science. Pursuing the "big picture" has been the life's work of Daniel G. Freedman, PhD, a distinguished psychologist whose wide range of interests have provided remarkable variations on a single theme: an interactionist, holistic view of human behavior. His pioneering ethological analyses encouraged naturalistic studies of the evolved bases of behavior; his comparative view of human behavior helped set the stage for current cross-cultural research.

Students and scholars interested in the twists and bedrocks of human development will find in this volume a stimulating sampler of cutting-edge research on the topics that define Freedman's career: behavior genetics, human ethology, evolutionary psychology, and culture. An expansive ripple effect of scholarship has resulted from Freedman's broad-based research and teachings, and Uniting Psychology and Biology presents this intellectual ancestry.

Freedman's own groundbreaking research is elaborated on by the research and theories developed by his colleagues and other prominent social scientists, including many of his former students—now accomplished scholars in their own right. Their work serves as a point of departure in contemplating Freedman's framework, broadening its scope and utility in the context of their own substantive interests, making Freedman's research useful to today's scholars and those of the next generation.

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