Viewing Psychology as a Whole: The Integrative Science of William N. Dember

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Copyright: 1998
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This Festschrift in honor of William N. Dember provides a unique view of psychology as an integrated discipline, instead of an ensemble of subspecialties as it sometimes appears to be. Dember's wide-ranging contributions to perception, attention, motivation, and personality theory are rooted in his belief that, methodologically and conceptually, the whole of psychology is greater than the sum of its parts.

As testament to Dember's work in the whole of psychology, this book examines Dember's theories on the interplay among cognition, perception, and motivation in light of contemporary developments. These chapters not only extend Dember's research approach but also contribute to Dember's concern with applied psychology. This volume follows the course of Dember's own professional interests by beginning with chapters on basic research findings and theories and then concluding with applications of those research and theoretical outcomes.

This comprehensive, integrative, and in-depth volume stands as a fitting tribute to a man who viewed psychology as a whole science and will be appreciated by researchers, clinicians, and graduate students alike.

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