Attribution and Social Interaction: The Legacy of Edward E. Jones

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When we "perceive" others, we do so not as disinterested scientists but as perceivers of our own selves. When we interact with others, we do so with some image of their personality, and we guide our interactions in light of that image. What determines a naive observer's causal inferences for personality and behavior? The work of Edward E. Jones, an eminent social scientist, examined that question and began a new era in attribution theory that has expanded exponentially to the present day

Attribution and Social Interaction: The Legacy of Edward E. Jones commemorates the ideas and theoretical advances of a brilliant and enthusiastic practitioner of social psychology. In this book, prominent scholars build on Jones's research themes in a provocative collection that links hypotheses to social problems, research to practical implications. The authors, each beginning with Ned's seminal contribution, trace the achievements and unresolved issues of the subfield of person perception and attribution theory. The volume is sure to inspire contemporary and future social psychologists, leading to new insights into how ordinary people self-present, understand their own and others' behavior, and engage and interact with others.

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