Studying the Clinician: Judgment Research and Psychological Assessment

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Decision making in therapy and other clinical settings requires careful judgment. But how accurate is the judgment of most clinicians? This critical question is addressed in Studying the Clinician: Judgment Research and Psychological Assessment.

Chapters examine the cognitive processes of mental health professionals and the subtle biases that may influence their decisions. Studies on the validity of clinicians' judgments in key areas such as psychodiagnosis, behavioral prediction (e.g., predicting violent behavior or suicide), and neuropsychological assessment are presented. The author also provides important recommendations on improving the accuracy of psychological assessment, including advice on the optimal use of computers in making clinical judgments.

This volume is essential reading for researchers who study the assessment process; mental health professionals and graduate students who wish to reduce bias and improve clinical judgment; and forensic psychologists who must defend the nature of their expertise.

Table of Contents



I. Validity of Judgments

  1. Assessment of Personality and Psychopathology
  2. Psychodiagnosis
  3. Case Formulation
  4. Behavioral Prediction
  5. Treatment Decisions
  6. Neuropsychological Assessment

II. Methods and Recommendations For Making Judgments

  1. Clinical Judgment
  2. Computers and Judgment
  3. Improving Psychological Assessment


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